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Not Sure Which One’s Wyoming? This U.S. Map Labeled by an Aussie Will Make You Feel Better

Bless you, Slate, for tweeting this picture recently.

RAMBO, BUT GAY: Coming Out to a Theater Near You!

As the opening quote from Quentin Tarantino says, “Gay subtext always makes every movie better, ” and RAMBO, BUT GAY does not disappoint.

30 Words to Start Using When You Turn 30

Here are 30 words that you should start using once you turn 30, because well, 30 seems like as good an age as any to grow up, right?
[NOTE: The new words are safe for work, the WHAT WE SAID BEFORE sentences are not always safe for work]

9 More Ways AMC Can Try to Trick You Into Watching Low Winter Sun

AMC is throwing everything they can at us to get people aboard the Low Winter Sun train before it fully leaves the station. Three episodes in, and so far AMC has teased us with the promise of scenes from upcoming Breaking Bad episodes, Walking Dead season 4 trailers and a more- all we have to do is watch Low Winter Sun.

Come for the Quiz, Stay for the Hilarious French Names for American Shows

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’ve got the sense of humor and overall maturity level of a 13 year-old. I’m still amused by foreign names for American things, because, well, they’re foreign and therefore innately hilarious. You know what I’m talking about- things like the movie Knocked Up being re-titled “Slightly Pregnant” […]

Toy Warning is So Unintentionally Funny It Must Be On Purpose

I usually glance at these kinds of things, have a chuckle and move on, but I can’t let this one off the hook so easily.

What’s Trending | The 10 Funniest #LessPopularWrestlers Tweets

It appears the trend was started by @Wrestlefolks, and man has it taken off. Here are the 10 funniest tweets (so far).

Will Ferrell’s Harry Caray should provide the “heys” in every song ever

This video is 4 months old, but  our good buddy Tank just brought it to my attention. Too funny not to share, sorry if it’s old news to you:  

Unaired Bill Hader Sketch Could’ve Been the Funniest of the SNL Season

Thumbnail image for Unaired Bill Hader Sketch Could’ve Been the Funniest of the SNL Season

This unaired SNL Justin Bieber sketch is quickly becoming the stuff of legend.

10 People Who Clearly Don’t Care Today is the First Day of Summer

Here are 10 people who clearly don’t care that today is the first day of summer.

Mr. Serious Presents: Car Nap Tips From a Pro

While doing a press junket to promote his latest film, actor Morgan Freeman was caught “resting his eyes” for a few seconds. The Now You See Me star didn’t just nod off, it looked as if he was in full blown REM sleep.

“Seating arrangements, charming the in-laws”: all part of Lonely Island’s new ‘Spring Break Anthem’

Thumbnail image for “Seating arrangements, charming the in-laws”: all part of Lonely Island’s new ‘Spring Break Anthem’

The Island is back! The video for Lonely Island’s new Spring Break Anthem begins with an episode of Zack Galifianakis’ brilliant Between Two Ferns, with his guest being James “Franko”. After the music video begins however, it takes about as sharp a left turn as 2009’s ‘Dream Girl’, in which Norah Jones went from singing about […]

10 of the Lamest Video Game Titles Ever

Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Doom, Tomb Raider, Tecmo Super Bowl… any child of the 80s knows the titles of some of the most classic and widely played video games of all time. But how many potentially great games were ruined by their title before they were even inserted into the console?  I’ve done some digging […]

Lost Request & Dedications III – Cobra Commander’s Open Letter to Every Other 80s Cartoon Villain

Last year, on an archaeological dig in Eternia, a team of UnderScoop-ologists unearthed a cache of lost and long-forgotten cassette tapes. The tapes contained clips of un-aired Request & Dedications from American Top 40. These letters were read by Casey Kasem, but never reached the public ear. Until now. There was a letter from K.I.T.T. […]

Anatomy of a Perfect Tweet – Breaking Down a Rob Delaney Gem

Whether you’re the type of person who gets a laugh from something amusing and moves on, or if you’re more like me and you analyze funny things six ways from Sunday, you probably know brilliance when you see it. On Saturday afternoon the reigning King of Twitter Rob Delaney blessed us with this tweet: .@Twitter […]