9 More Ways AMC Can Try to Trick You Into Watching Low Winter Sun

AMC of all networks should recognize the insignificance of early mediocre ratings when it comes to the long term success of a show. While great shows (one of which possibly the best of all time), Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead wouldn’t boast anywhere near their respective bounties of current viewers if it weren’t for late-starting binge watchers catching up via Netflix or DVD/Blu-ray.

Regardless, AMC is throwing everything they can at us to get people aboard the Low Winter Sun train before it fully leaves the station. Three episodes in, and so far AMC has teased us with the promise of scenes from upcoming Breaking Bad episodes, Walking Dead season 4 trailers and a more- all we have to do is watch Low Winter Sun.

Is it working? By all accounts no. Vulture says viewers are rejecting AMC’s latest one hour drama. While it’s nice to have one of the best shows of all time as a lead in, as dramas go there hasn’t been a tougher act to follow in the history of television.

Our guess is AMC will go down swinging, though. Building off of Will West’s idea, here are 9 more ways AMC can try to trick us into watching Low Winter Sun:


“And now, the final 10 minutes of the Breaking Bad finale will air interspersed during AMC’s Low Winter Sun.”

breaking bad low winter sun

Want to find out how it all ends? How bad?


“Next, theĀ first uncensored breast on basic cable will air at some point during AMC’s Low Winter Sun.”

Boobs = ratings.


“Next, on AMC’s Low Winter Sun… Zombies!”

Stunt casting!


“It wasn’t his fault Green Lantern sucked. Watch Mark Strong next, on AMC’s Low Winter Sun.”


“The results of the next presidential election will be reported during AMC’s Low Winter Sun.”

See honey? I told you it was fixed!!


“Proof of the existence of aliens will be presented during AMC’s Low Winter Sun.”


“Tonight’s winning Powerball numbers will be announced during AMC’s Low Winter Sun.”


“If you change the channel, you might stumble upon a replay of Miley Cyrus grinding on Robin Thicke. Stay tuned for AMC’s Low Winter Sun, or you’ll be sorry.”

Thinly veiled threats.


“Next: Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza stop by AMC’s Low Winter Sun!”

We’re there.




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