7 Shows You Can Binge Watch While Recovering from Sunburn Itch

VH1 ran a 19-day long Saturday Night Live marathon, but if 2 days of television is more your speed, each of these fantastic television programs can be binge watched from start to finish in under 15 hours.

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Amber Nash is the award-winning actress who’s brought Pam to life over the last eight seasons of the show. I had the pleasure of chatting with Amber about the new direction Pam’s taken in the noir-inspired Archer: Dreamland, her inspirations and influences, and what the future holds for the inimitable Ms. Poovey.

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Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. And sometimes we run out of list ideas for this website. Enter National Ex-Spouse Day.

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Why You Should be Watching ‘The Grinder’

One of the following statements is true:
Rob Lowe is 51 years old.

Rob Lowe is a Jedi.