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Apoca-LIST | 7 Smurfs You Want on Your Side in Case of Apocalypse

by Brian Morin

Welcome to the first edition of Apoca-LIST, a weekly rundown of pop culture and entertainment characters that you’d want on your side in the event of a global apocalypse.

The 30 Best TV Theme Songs of the Millennium

by Brian Morin
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The television theme song is not dead, it has merely evolved. This list represents TV’s best opening themes for shows that debuted from 2000 on.

10 of the Lamest Video Game Titles Ever

by Brian Morin

Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Doom, Tomb Raider, Tecmo Super Bowl… any child of the 80s knows the titles of some of the most classic and widely played video games of all time. But how many potentially great games were ruined by their title before they were even inserted into the console?  I’ve done some digging […]

Top 5 Celebrities Who Would Guest Star on a Love Boat Reboot

by Brian Morin
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I recently watched an episode of The Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter (a great show if you’re into retro toys) and was surprised to see some Love Boat action figures.  I’m not sure what kid would want to play with them, but it inspired me and got me thinking about what would happen if they remade […]

The 100 Greatest Pop Culture Villains of All Time

by Brian Morin
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|  100  |  90  |  80  |  70  |  60  |  50  |  40  |  30  |  20  |  10  |  1  |   100. Gordon Gekko (Wall Street) “We make the rules, pal… Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a […]

The 11 Best Songs of Summer

by Brian Morin

  Richard Marx  “Endless Summer Nights” 1988 Marx wrote this song about a summer romance that he hoped would last beyond Labor Day. He got his wish- when he wrote this song he was married to that girl, reminiscing about that summer fling.   LFO  “Summer Girls” 1999 Yes, the song is cheesy as hell, […]

The Karate Kid Episode IV: A New Outlook – Comparing the Star Wars & Karate Kid Trilogies

by Brian Morin

Way back in the dark ages of 1996 before Wi-Fi and even cable in college dorm rooms, my college roommates and I suffered through a near complete disconnect from the real world.  It seems like a lifetime ago, considering how today we are all connected to everything 24/7. One of the results of this disconnect […]

7 More Forgotten 80s Toys

by Brian Morin

The 1980s were truly the decade of the action figure.  From G.I. Joe to M.A.S.K., Transformers to Masters of the Universe, on to Thundercats, Silverhawks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; just about every great line of action figures began in or reached their peak in the 80s. In March, we examined ten (non-action figure) 80s toys you may have forgotten. […]

The 25 Greatest 90s TV Theme Songs

by Brian Morin

When I first sat down to start creating the second part of my list of greatest theme songs I thought I would have a lot of difficulty coming up with a list of great themes from the 90s.  In fact I thought I would originally have to lower it to just the 20 greatest themes. […]

The 25 Best TV Theme Songs of the 80s

by Brian Morin

Modern TV shows just don’t put the energy or time into really great theme songs anymore. To me, theme songs are as much a part of a show as the characters and the setting. In fact, when I think about a show from the past, one of the first things that come to my mind […]