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UnderScoopFire.com is a global entertainment website that is focused on highly engaging, sharable content, with ongoing opportunities for sponsor partnerships and branding campaigns.

Over the last two decades we’ve cultivated a social online community that loves to share and discuss gaming, movies, television, comics, toys, retro pop culture and the other content we feature. There is no site in the world like UnderScoopFire, and our readers are as dedicated to us as we are to increasing our reach and extending our influence.

We’d love to help promote your brand in creative and effective ways via our website. Banner ads on UnderScoopFire appear as fast-loading .jpeg images instead of HTML code, and therefore cannot be blocked by any ad blocking software or extension, guaranteeing your message will be seen by every reader.

UnderScoopFire.com ranks highly for many gaming, television and entertainment related search terms. We have a highly skilled and motivated team of contributors that produce unique and engaging content every day.

Linked to by USA Today, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Pajiba, SlashFilm

Predominantly male audience, ages 18-34

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Diverse and forward-thinking advertising solutions available, whether it be straight-forward banner ad placement or full site/category takeovers, we can accommodate all desired outcomes and budgets.

All campaigns will be reviewed by our editor and web developer in order to maximize visibility and return on investment.

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Email: scoopfiremedia@gmail.com