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20+ Years Later, Here are 13 ‘Dumb & Dumber’ References You Don’t Even Realize You’re Still Using

“It’s a cardigan, but thanks for asking.”

My Kid is Super Talented, But He’s TERRIBLE at This

He’s really good at SO much, but astonishingly bad at this.

12 Dads Who Probably Don’t Deserve a Father’s Day Card

WE GET A DAY! Here are a few dads who get to celebrate Father’s Day, but they probably don’t deserve a card.

Cobra Commander’s Letter of Resignation

After years of leading the most ruthless of terrorist organizations, Cobra Commander has finally given his two weeks notice.

5 Words We Apparently Stopped Using

Sooo, we’re just not using the word ‘gravy’ anymore?

The 11 Weirdest Things My Kids Asked for This Christmas

Man, we’ve raised some odd children.

Watch the Real Kenny Powers Try to Launch a Lincoln Continental over a Mile-Wide River

Remember when you were a kid and the only obstacle between your appallingly bad ideas and bringing them to life was your lack of funds, rockets, or ambition? Daredevil Kenny Powers has no such obstacles.

5 Cliches That Become Hilarious When You Take Them Literally

“I’m totally gonna clean this up.”

The 10 Dumbest Things We Used to Write in Each Others’ Yearbooks

It’s that time of year again. Takes me back to 1994…

10 Inexplicably Odd Flags From Around the World

If this flag’s primary job function is to generate sea sickness in its viewers, it deserves a raise.

Steve Carell Re-imagined as Serial Killer in “The 40 Year-Old Psychopath”

“I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

Tracy Morgan Wants to Play The Incredible Hulk, and Did WHAT Around Kate Upton?

Tracy Morgan is currently doing a Reddit AMA, and only 12 minutes in, it’s off to a hot start.