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5 Cliches That Become Hilarious When You Take Them Literally

“I’m totally gonna clean this up.”

The 10 Dumbest Things We Used to Write in Each Others’ Yearbooks

It’s that time of year again. Takes me back to 1994…

10 Inexplicably Odd Flags From Around the World

If this flag’s primary job function is to generate sea sickness in its viewers, it deserves a raise.

Steve Carell Re-imagined as Serial Killer in “The 40 Year-Old Psychopath”

“I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

Tracy Morgan Wants to Play The Incredible Hulk, and Did WHAT Around Kate Upton?

Tracy Morgan is currently doing a Reddit AMA, and only 12 minutes in, it’s off to a hot start.

If You’re Having a Bad Day at Work, Just Be Thankful You’re Not This Guy

Wait for it.

If Twitter Existed Throughout History, What Would Be the Most Famous Tweet of All Time?

@CptEdSmith: Titanic unsinkable my ass

10 Ideas for March Madness-Style Pop Culture Tournaments That We’re Totally Not Using So Have At It

While our own 2014 pop culture bracket has a novel field (because super powers are cool) but a crappy, un-creative name, here are some catchy tournament names (based on not so novel ideas) that are just begging to be used!

This Wrestling Entrance (Featuring a Dinosaur and a Sword!) Makes The Rock Look Like Mr. Rogers

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Kazuchika Okada doesn’t even emerge until around the 1:15 mark in this February 11 ring entrance, but it’s what happens for the first 75 seconds of the video that puts this in a class of its own.