10 Ideas for March Madness-Style Pop Culture Tournaments That We’re Totally Not Using So Have At It

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on March 14, 2014

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By now you may have seen the UnderScoopFire Tournament of Super Powers (preferably said in a deep, booming voice with a hint of an echo, but nothing too dramatic or pretentious). The bracket places comic and sci-fi-based powers and abilities against each other, and your votes determine which super powers win each matchup.

While we feel our own 2014 pop culture bracket has a novel field of competitors (because super powers are cool) but a crappy, un-creative name, here are some catchy tournament names (based on not so novel ideas) that are just begging to be used:

Mark Madness

A tournament in which various pop culture Marks square off. Excitement! I can picture it now: Wahlberg vs. Hamill in a Mark-off for the ages! MARK me down for one front row ticket please!



It’s pantemonium and I’m not sorry! Khakis vs. corduroys, denim vs. a nice polyester blend- this is WAR!

first round knockout


Darth Madness

The Sith hits the fan as Darth Vader and Darth Maul square off 64 times until a winner is crowned. Intrigue!



Zach Braff hosts Braff-etology, a tournament all about Zach Braff and all the Braff you can Braff! Braff?



Perhaps best suited for either a men’s entertainment site or Sprout.com, Rack-etology features 64 of Hollywood’s greatest racks facing off in the boobiest bracket of 2014!


March Katniss

Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. Let’s have a tournament!



I know I’m not the only one who sees how the Pringles peer at the Fritos from across the snack shelf. There’s deep-seated jealousy and resentment there. FIGHT!

hosted by Lionel Richie


Parched Madness

After all that salty snack madness, thirst takes the stage. It’s beverage havoc!



Learn the truth about fracking… in a fun way!


Barth Madness

You CAN Do That on Tournament! “Duh, I heard that!”


Macho Madness

OOOH YEAH a long overdue Randy Savage-only tournament because Randy Savage was the best thing about the WrestleMania IV tournament so MORE RANDY SAVAGE!

You’re welcome.

Marzo Kalif March 18, 2014 at 2:49 pm

For the Mark Madness one, would Markie Post count as an entrant? (Sorry I’ve been watching too much Night Court lately)
Also what about Marc Summers? Is he DQ’s because of the lack of a k?

HowardTheDeck March 19, 2014 at 3:00 pm

you’re right. he’s disqualified. Wait, we’re not even doing the tournament- that was for someone else to take and run with!

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