Blockbuster Video Presents: The UnderScoopFire Tournament of Super Powers

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on March 13, 2014

in Nerd Culture

Just as St. Patrick’s Day represents an annual excuse to drink whiskey at 930AM (say it with me: LIKE WE NEED AN EXCUSE), March also brings our annual justification for finding something that rhymes with “March” or “Madness” or “Bracketology” and creating a pop culture-based tournament to run congruent to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Two years ago we (along with Rediscover the 80s) pitted 64 of the most memorable mustaches in pop culture against each other (Rollie Fingers bested John Oates in a stache-off for the ages), and last year R2-D2 edged Cinderella story Tom Servo in our Robo-Bracketology tournament of pop culture robots.

This year we’re proud to have partnered with a defunct video rental company to bring you the UnderScoopFire Tournament of Super Powers! We have seeded 32 of the most prominent super powers and abilities in science fiction and comics, and we ask that you vote on each matchup based on the power you would want to have most. Due to our sponsor’s bankruptcy proceedings, we can’t guarantee any prizes at this time.

BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH- we will release two super power matchups per day for you to vote on, so check back daily! Click on the bracket below to enlarge, and thanks be to Tank for the bracket graphic:

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