If Twitter Existed Throughout History, What Would Be the Most Famous Tweet of All Time?

We haven’t done a Friday Three-For-All in a while, but I miss the reader participation. A creative Redditor posed the question above yesterday, and a few of the great responses are below.

It made me curious as to your ideas for “The Most Famous Tweet of All Time if Twitter Existed Throughout History”. Feel free to hit the comments with your historic tweets!

@CptEdSmith: Titanic unsinkable my ass (Herosnap)

@MartinLuther: Ninety-five things wrong with the church: [buzzfeed.com/95-thing-the-chruch-needs-to-stop…] (Russtopher617)

@Columbus: The fuck am I? #lost #maybeitsindia? (Bennypp)

@JCaesar: Just going to see the senate. Hope my main man @MJBrutus is there! #truehomies (Kijafa)

  • @JCaesar: wtf @2Brute??? (ursineduck)

@Troy: lol people just came out of a wooden horse #wtf (xlnqeniuz)

  • @Troy¬†#sorrynotsorry (Farisr9k) [presumably from @TheGreeks?]

@RingAroundtheRosie: Retweet this and you and your family will be safe from The Black Death #believe #poweroverplague (silvamagic)

@Jesus: Getting a little hot up here. Don’t mind though lol #tooblessed2stress (SasquatchPhD)

@neilarmstrong: One small step bitch! #moonwalking #noscopelanding #hotboxedhelmet

@JFK: Great morning in Dallas rollin’ with the top down!!! #sunsoutgunsout

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