The Best of John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier’s ‘Full House’ Reddit AMA

The male heads of Full House and self-proclaimed “Boys of Bromance” gathered on Reddit for an AMA (“Ask Me Anything” for non-Reddit users) on Wednesday, as part of their press tour promoting their upcoming reunion via Oikos yogurt Super Bowl commercial.

John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier were game for anything, and in typical Reddit AMA fashion, no subject was off limits. I’ve gathered some of the highlights below so you wouldn’t have to sift through 500+ comments, but if you’re a completist the whole thread can be found here.

[Questions and comments from Reddit users in BOLD]:

Is it just me or were you guys really bad dads? That Michelle really got all the attention. Michelle says something, everyone comes running. And you always talked to her like she was an idiot. That poor DJ couldn’t catch a break and Stephanie?! Forget it. She was like a ghost in that house

Saget: None of them looked anything like me but I like them anyway.


Do you guys have any favorite memories from full house?

Coulier: I  used to throw my underpants up in the air, on the roof of my dressing room, for Bob.

Stamos: He would get them stuck in the rafters. Years later, when Full House wrapped up, FRIENDS moved into the same stage, and I did a guest spot on FRIENDS, and Dave’s underpants were still up there in the rafters.

Dave, do random people ever come up to you and do the “cut it out” bit, and if so, how hard is it to resist strangling them?

Coulier: First of all, people do it to me all the time. And if you go to my website, you can actually get a “Cut it out” t-shirt. But people botch it up all the time, so they’ll come up and say “Hey, knock it around!” and then I have to correct them.

is there anywhere i can buy a “knock it around” t-shirt?


John, how do you stay so handsome and young looking? What potions are you using?

Stamos: I live in a freezer. And I actually eat the Oikos, but mainly I put it on my face.


I heard someone say you three will act like your full house characters in public just to fuck with people sometimes. Is this true?

Saget: John and I were once in a bathroom at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, and a college kid came in there, and he was peeing next to us and we started talking in character as Jesse and Danny and I turned to John and said in character, “How’s it going Jess” and he said “It’s going bad, Nicky and Alex won’t sleep” and the guy next to us, we think he peed all over himself. It was beautiful. John then said to me, “How’s it going for you Danny” and I said “Oh, I’m having trouble, the ratings on Wake Up San Francisco are slipping” and THAT’s when the guy peed all over himself.


Quickly! Build a cheeseburger based on your personalities. No Yogurt Stamos!

Coulier: Mine would be rotten moldy cheese and a tiny pickle.

So that’s why Alanis was so angry.


 Mr. Stamos. How does it feel that Jennifer Lawrence stalked you at a party and stared at your magnificent behind?

Stamos: I was extremely flattered. And freaked out at the same time.

Dude you should hit that if you get the chance.

Extra points for banging Rebecca Romijn and then banging the girl that plays the younger version of her in the newer X-Men movies.

We should call it “Bangs of Future Past 4”.

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