Let’s Break Down the Radio Shack 80s Tribute Super Bowl Ad

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Though the full slate of 2014 Super Bowl commercials was a somewhat forgettable offering (Bud Light puppy notwithstanding), Radio Shack has more buzz this morning than they’ve enjoyed in over two decades. Their Twitter feed continues to barf 80s radness at this hour.

In case you missed the ad, the full version is here (including an additional Slimer-ific spot.) It oozes 80s goodness from every USB port (or from wherever Radio Shack would ooze things). I’d attempt a full breakdown of its radical contents, but please I might need your help in the comments if I miss something. All I know is I completely missed Slim Goodbody the first time around. Together we can fully catalog this jam-packed 80s tribute.

Here are a few Radio Shack 80s ad gifs that feature the action from start to finish. It truly is a whirlwind of nostalgia.

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