Celebrate National Ex-Spouse Day with 7 of the Worst Exes in TV History

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on April 14, 2017

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Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. Whether you spend┬áNational Ex-Spouse Day with a new spouse, or by yourself playing one of the best online games, let’s spend it together for a moment looking back at television’s worst exes.

Ex-Spouse Day was created by Rev. Ronald Coleman of Kansas City in 1987. We’re not entirely sure if this day was intended to serve as a reminder to cherish your ex, or yet another excuse to celebrate your freedom, but whatever the reason we hope you choose to commemorate the day by sharing this list of the worst ex-spouses in television history!

Ross Geller | Friends

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Ross Geller is a terrible ex-husband to two different women, one of whom he humiliated on her wedding day. Already boasting the top spot on our list of the worst television dads of all time, Ross lays claim to being one of the worst tv ex-spouses of all time as well, mainly because he was secretly in love with another woman throughout the entirety of both of his failed marriages.


Don Draper | Mad Men

When we began outlining potential names for this list, Betty Draper came to mind. Upon closer examination (and being honest with ourselves) it’s actually Don who is the terrible ex-spouse. In spite of all of Betty’s shortcomings, Don’s lying, cheating, boozing and philandering puts him squarely on this list of the worst television ex-spouses in history.


Dede Pritchett | Modern Family

Brilliantly played by Shelley Long, Jay Pritchett’s first wife has had a bit of a rough time adjusting to her role as the ex (evidenced by a nasty incident at Gloria and Jay’s wedding). As she moves on to the next level of her “awakening”, we’ll never forget the wedding toast she gave that one IMDBer says “made the Nuremberg trials seem like Mardi Gras”.


Judith Harper-Melnick | Two and a Half Men

Despite enjoying various relationships of her own, Alan’s ex-wife disapproves of him having girlfriends around their son Jake. She enjoys a lavish lifestyle via his alimony while he lives with his brother (and then another guy who just lets him live there because he’s nice?) and even funded breast implants and a Hawaii trip with Alan’s money.


Robin Scherbatsky | How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson was by no means a saintly man, but he flew the straight and narrow during his engagement and marriage to Robin, only to play second fiddle to her jet-setting career aspirations. Despite trying to bail on their wedding day, Robin stuck around, but after 3 years they divorced and she ended up with her ex-husband’s best friend. Rock and roll.


Lilith Sternin | Cheers/Frasier

Lilith was actually not all that bad, she was just a ball buster. We can respect that.


Stanley Zbornak | Golden Girls

Poor, tormented Dorothy.

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@OldSchool80s April 15, 2016 at 6:19 am

How about Millhouse’s Dad on The Simpson’s? I always remember when he embarrassingly sang that song “Can I Borrow a Feeling”. That was the first one not on your list that came to mind.

Classick Material April 17, 2016 at 6:36 am

I came into this article fully expecting Stanley Zbornak to come in at #1 and was not disappointed. His action figure has to come with the detachable hairpiece.

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