7 Shows You Can Binge Watch While Recovering from Sunburn Itch

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on May 5, 2018

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VH1 has run a 19-day long Saturday Night Live marathon that covered all 39 seasons back to back to back to back to- well, you get it. Taking in the entire run of SNL this way is like the Ironman event of binge watching, but I’m sure some superfans tried to stick around for the whole three weeks.

Me, on the other hand, well I haven’t had 19 consecutive days to do nothing but watch television since 1995, so while I might have popped in for a few choice eps (and the last skit of the Lisa Kudrow ep), there’s no way I can binge watch Saturday Night Live.

You’ll want to spend a lot of time indoors, moving as little as possible. Once you’ve browsed the top online bingo sites, each of these fantastic television programs can be binge watched from start to finish in under 15 hours:


Party Down

Time You’ll Need: 10 hours

If Jane Lynch and Adam Scott hadn’t committed to Glee and Parks and Recreation respectively, this show might still be running on Starz. OK, maybe not- despite critical acclaim, ratings were low, but I can dream right? Two seasons and a movie?


Freaks and Geeks

Time You’ll Need: >14 hours

What more can I say about one of only two shows I’ve ever written a love letter to? If you haven’t had the pleasure, cross “I don’t have the time” off your list of excuses. Criminally cancelled after 18 episodes, you can knock this whole series down in around 14 outstanding hours.


Eastbound and Down

Time You’ll Need: >14 hours

Much like the gorgeous sunset, Kenny Powers rocked our nuts off with his uniquely offensive yet endearing humor. Hard to believe the entire run can be bingewatched in under 14 hours, with the impressive (and literal) amount of ground the series covered in 4 short seasons.



Time You’ll Need: 14 hours(ish)

Those who still wonder “what the big deal is” about Benedict Cumberbatch need only to check out the first episode of 2010’s Sherlock. Each episode plays like its own feature film, which is likely why Cumberbatch’s transition to the big screen was not much of a leap.



Time You’ll Need: >7 hours

Judd Apatow’s follow up to Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared ran on Fox for one season in 2001, and featured guest appearances and cameos by pretty much everyone you’ve ever loved.


Black Mirror

Time You’ll Need: >7 hours (including the Christmas episode)

Channel 4’s techno drama/thriller/comedy/creep out cannot be properly summarized in a sentence or two, and even if it could- any words I can devote to it are being saved for that big Black Mirror post I keep putting off. Get on Netflix and watch this show. I’m dying to talk about it with you.



Time You’ll Need: >13 hours

The BBC original crime drama ran for 6 episodes in 2010, returned for 4 more in a second season in 2011 and 4 more in 2013’s third season. Creator Neil Cross has denied rumblings of a fourth season, but binge watch now and you’ll be ready for the oft-discussed feature film.

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