Lost Request & Dedications III – Cobra Commander’s Open Letter to Every Other 80s Cartoon Villain

Last year, on an archaeological dig in Eternia, a team of UnderScoop-ologists unearthed a cache of lost and long-forgotten cassette tapes. The tapes contained clips of un-aired Request & Dedications from American Top 40. These letters were read by Casey Kasem, but never reached the public ear. Until now.

There was a letter from K.I.T.T. to Michael Knight, in which a car makes a heartfelt plea to his owner.

They found a letter from Optimus Prime to the Autobots, dedicating a lyrically-appropriate song for a tender moment in Transformers history.

There were even Request & Dedications from folks in the Indiana Jones and Rambo camps, respectively.

Today, we reveal the latest unearthed Request & Dedication. The clip you are about to hear is Casey Kasem reading a letter from Cobra Commander.

The words are powerful. The emotions are real.

To play in a new window or if you don’t see the embedded player, click here.


All clips produced by Jason Gross (@SockofFleagulls), creator of Rediscoverthe80s.com (@RD80s).

Click here to celebrate the full audio genius of Jason Gross.


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