Robo-Bracketology Final Four Revealed, Voting Open

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

The final four is here. The four best robots in pop culture history, according to you!

In case you missed it, here’s the full history of this tournament.

Don’t forget to check in on this great Curse Word Tournament on Deadspin (my 14-seeded Cinderella “dipshit’ was eliminated, but “queef” & “rimjob” are still in it), as well as the Elite Eight of eclectik’s Childhood Crushes Tournament, and the Final Four of Cold Slither Podcast’s Battle of the Fictional Bands!

Elite Eight Highlights:

  • Optimus Prime trounced Robocop, but this was the only one-sided matchup in this round
  • Data took a big lead early on Cy-Kill, but the Go-Bots faithful rallied and made it close
  • R2-D2 edged Voltron, which was highly displeasing to this guy
  • Tom Servo continues to upset popular bots, as early favorite Dynomutt is ousted

The Final Four

Hit the button below to cast your vote and determine the Robo-Bracketology Championship matchup!



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