Jannika Coons @JerkasaurusRex

Space Station 76: Classic Disco-Era Sci-Fi Parody Cleared for Launch

Boogie down, everyone. I’ve got disco sci-fi fever in the form of Space Station 76!

Casting the Reboot: The Thundercats

From the internet’s lips to Jaga’s ears, Thunderians unite!

RAMBO, BUT GAY: Coming Out to a Theater Near You!

As the opening quote from Quentin Tarantino says, “Gay subtext always makes every movie better, ” and RAMBO, BUT GAY does not disappoint.

Ignorant Art: DC Comics Redefines Disappointment (Again)

DC has redefined disappointment by launching an EXTREMELY objectionable PR campaign to promote the upcoming Harley Quinn comic book series.

Ben Affleck is the Batman? Go Home WB, You’re Drunk!

Last night Warner Bros. declared that Ben Affleck would be cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel and the world hasn’t stopped screaming since.

Besides ‘No Vampire Porn’, Why Amazon’s FanFiction Platform Will Fail

About two months ago, Amazon made the happy announcement that they would be the next company to fail at spinning fanfiction into gold. So why is Kindle Worlds destined to fail?

10 Reasons MTV’s Teen Wolf is Surprisingly Not Awful

26 years and two widely-panned cult classics later, MTV has reincarnated the Teen Wolf franchise as a television series that is surprisingly not completely wretched. Hooray!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, There’s Another Rainbow: What to Expect from the Fourth Season of Arrested Development

Now, back to the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who is still trying to keep them all together. It’s the long-awaited, highly-anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development. Taste the happy, Michael. Netflix has confirmed that after much trial and tribulation, the fourth season of Arrested Development will premiere […]