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An Homage to Social Media & Why I’ll Never Use Twitter

When I was in high school I had absolutely no friends–except for the fact that I had two friends. When I was in high school I had two friends. All of them had LiveJournals. What’s a ‘live journal’?  I dementedly asked one day. It’s a website where people can keep a journal about their lives, and […]

Valentine’s Day Pop Culture Classified Ads

We asked for fake classified ads based on pop culture characters (not a ridiculous request) and boy did you deliver! There were some very funny and creative entries in this contest- I hope you enjoy them as much as I did as they came in. Hit the comments and let us know which one is […]

Comedian Jackie Cashian makes a case for marrying nerds [VIDEO]

Comedian Jackie Kashian recently appeared on Conan and made a great case for dating and marrying nerds. Not just any nerds, our kind of nerds- in her bit she specifically mentions gamers, comic book readers and action figure collectors. It’s like the bit was written for this site’s readers & podcast subscribers! Go give Jackie’s […]

Can you identify all the recipients of these Pop Culture Candy Sweethearts?

Necco Candy Sweethearts are like the Candy Corn of late winter.   You never see anyone eating (or clamoring for) them outside of February, but when the candy dish is full or your Valentine gives you a handful, you rarely turn them down. Our own Tank has designed his own handful of Pop Culture Candy […]

The 50 Funniest Women of All Time

No wordy intro necessary here. By now you know the formula- once a month we assemble a panel, rank something, and slather it in hyperbole. Recent lists include the 50 Greatest Sitcoms of All Time, the 50 Funniest Movies of All Time, and the Most Important Mustaches in Sitcom History. Plugging done, let’s begin. We’re proud of […]

Chart Tells You How To Create More Free Time

Everyone would love some extra free time.   How many items on your to-do list are forsaken because “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”? Frequently, we tell ourselves that the things we don’t get to do must not be that important, or we’d find a way to get them done. But what if […]

80s Pop Culture Character Royal Rumble

{Last year, to commemorate the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble event, the UnderScoopFire staff created a list of our top 30 favorite nostalgic characters to compete in the first ever “80s Childhood Royal Rumble”. Thirty competitors will enter (one at a time over 2 minute intervals) and 29 will be eliminated – leaving one 80s icon […]

‘Baseball Card Vandals’ = The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Spotted by contributor Andy Kapellusch, Baseball Card Vandals is one of the best uses of Tumblr ever. They take worthless cards, vandalize them hilariously, and post new content twice a day. If you’re on Twitter, follow them for instant updates. Enjoy these examples, and head to the site for much more!       @NotAaronNeville […]

Sometimes it’s Embarrassing to Live in America

Sometimes people do questionable things. Apply your term of choice- whether it’s ‘cringeworthy’, ‘douche chills’, or ‘just plain awkward’, when we see it or hear about it we usually wish we hadn’t. Sunday night was one of those moments. I went to a national chain sports bar/restaurant with a friend to watch a WWE Pay-Per-View event. […]

The Joker’s Unabridged Holiday Wish List

Everybody has family traditions for the holidays.   For some, it’s specific carols sung together by a fire, for others it might be spinning dreidels with your cool older cousins, Wikipedia-ing Kwanzaa, or high-fiving your pagan friends on Yule. Regardless, the holidays foster traditions as a way to become closer to those around you, or […]

UnderScoopFire LOST Request & Dedications II

The Long Distance Dedication made its debut on the August 26, 1978 broadcast of the American Top 40. To read more about the history of the Request and Dedication, check out the first installment in this series, where we heard from K.I.T.T. and Optimus Prime. As the story goes, UnderScoopFire was able to uncover some […]

Where Are They Now? The Silverhawks (HUMOR)

See which rental car company Quicksilver works for now (HINT: They’ll pick you up!).

UnderScoopFire LOST Requests & Dedications

The Long Distance Dedication made its debut on the August 26, 1978 broadcast of the American Top 40. During Shadoe Stevens’ run as host of the AT40, the feature became known as “Request & Dedication”, but upon Casey Kasem’s return in 1998, it went back to its original name. The first ever dedication was to […]

John Tesh responds to ‘Mr. Serious Presents: A Love Letter to John Tesh’

Dear Mr. Tesh-   Enough is enough. You need to go away and you need to do it now. Its not that I don’t think you are a multi-talented superstar that has conquered almost every facet of the entertainment industry. It’s just, you are exposing me for the fraud I am: uncool. Recently I sat at […]

PSY – Gangnam Style Lyrics Translated (and Over-Analyzed)

Over the last few weeks, Korean rapper Psy has traversed the U.S.,  making appearances on the Today show, MTV’s VMAs, Ellen (with Britney Spears), Saturday Night Live, and even doing an impromptu dance at his seat at an L.A. Dodgers game (if anyone has audio of Vin Scully’s reaction, please forward to me). He’s back […]