Where Are They Now? The Silverhawks (HUMOR)

In 1986, Rankin/Bass capitalized on the popularity of the Thundercats by releasing a space-version of the same basic characters.

There was the fearless leader, the strong one, the super-hot girl, the second fiddle, and the youth(s). The Silverhawks were one of my favorite 80s properties. I have great memories of the toy line, and I’m constantly searching for vintage Silverhawks at toy shows and online. I recently purchased issues #1 & 2 of the short-lived Star/Marvel Silverhawks comic book series, and redeemed my PunchTab points on Rediscover the 80s for the Silverhawks Volume 1 DVD set.

I mean, I drafted Steelwill to my 80s Fantasy Task Force. My love for the Silverhawks is no secret.

That said, no one is rooting for these guys more than I am. I’d love nothing more than a Siverhawks reboot of some kind, be it a movie, a new animated show, a toy line, or even a comic series (like DC’s current Masters of the Universe reboot).

Until we get a reboot, the best we can do is check in on our beloved 80s Silverhawks, and see how they’re faring in today’s world. We begin with Quicksilver:


Jonathan Quick (Quicksilver)

Lt. Jonathan Quick (Quicksilver) was the respected and fearless field general of the Silverhawks. Answering only to Commander Stargazer, Quicksilver was an experienced space ace known for his lightning fast reaction time and decision making. A top notch athlete before being recruited to the Silverhawks, Quick was the envy of many of his peers.

Where is he now?

Today, Quick has taken those leadership skills and forged a second career as a branch manager with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise corporate recruiter Ralph St. Louis spoke about Quicksilver:

“We typically recruit younger management trainees, fresh out of college, lacking professional experience. That being said, we couldn’t pass up the talent Jonathan had to offer. His ability to motivate his employees is unmatched, and the guy can flat out sell. His branch is #1 in the nation in at-counter upgrades.”

Quicksilver hasn’t ruled out a return to glory as an intergalactic crime fighter.

“Oh I’d love to see Silverhawks get greenlit for a reboot. If Lion-O and the boys can do it, so can we. That’s always been my motto.”

We asked Quick who he’d think would be a good fit to portray him in a reboot:

“Well, I think I’m in damn good shape for my age, and with a little tune up I know all my metal parts would still get the job done. If they went with a crop of younger talent though, I think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt guy would do a good job.”


Sergeant Emily Hart (Steelheart)

Steelheart was perhaps the most aptly named Silverhawk, as she had an actual steel heart surgically installed during her transformation. The twin sister of Steelwill, she shared a special bond with her brother that allowed them to share feelings.

Where is she now?

Shortly after Silverhawks went off the air (after their single 65-episode mega-season), Steelheart opened a salon in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Business was booming initially, as the end of the 80s brought a public desire for new and inventive hair styles and fashion statements. Steelheart was inspired by the fashions she encountered in space, and brought them to the small suburb of Tampa.

“In 1988, you couldn’t go into a Publix without seeing an old lady proudly sporting ‘The Mon*Star do’ or the signature ‘Steelheart helmet head'”, reminisces Hart.

The Silverhair Salon went out of business in 1991. Hart now works as a part-time greeter at Busch Gardens in Tampa.


Colonel Bluegrass

Bluegrass was the only Silverhawk who could not fly. Some might think a flightless hawk is a useless one, but not in this case. Bluegrass was the pilot of the Silverhawks’ primary mode of co-mingled transportation, the Miraj. B-Grass, as his peers referred to him, was Quicksilver’s right hand man, calling the shots when Quick was indisposed. Never seen without his guitar that doubled as a weapon, Bluegrass had a bit of a wild streak (hinted at by the existence of a metal mohawk under his trademark cowboy hat).

Where is he now?

Bluegrass struck gold when he and fellow former-80s-cartoon-space-cowboy Sundown from C.O.P.S. partnered to open a chain of country/western themed bar & restaurants. Gitfiddles has locations all throughout the american northwest, somehow successfully bringing southern charm and a country twang to a colder, more coffee house-friendly climate.


Will Hart (Steelwill)

Steelwill was the twin brother of Steelheart; acting as a team enforcer, and protector for his sister. While Steelheart could certainly hold her own, Steelwill made his fair share of saves, aided by his brute strength and athletic ability.

Where is he now?

Also the owner of a stainless steel artificial heart (like his sister), Will never stopped weight training. Afforded the ability to physically push himself beyond the threshold a normal human heart would allow, Steelwill has published multiple training videos and fitness products. He is currently the PM manager at a Bally’s gym in Pittsburgh, PA. He is obviously a huge Steelers fan.


Copper Kidd

The Copper Kidd was the youngest member of the Silverhawks, but his age difference never seemed to be a detriment to his service. The only Silverhawk that did not hail from Earth, Kidd was a mathematical genius from a planet of mimes. Some have speculated that his post-episode “lessons” with Col. Bluegrass may have adversely affected his view of adult relationships with minors, as you’ll see- he has since struggled to find a place in society.

Where is he now?

While a creepy mustache calls Copper Kidd’s former babyface home, Copper Kidd himself calls the California State Prison System home. After a very public and embarrassing bust at the hands of NBC’s To Catch a Predator, Copper Kidd was sentenced to 5 years in the Sacramento County Prison.

NBC’s Chris Hanson reminisces about the day they nabbed Kidd:

“We had been tracking him for months. Copper Kidd truly thought he was above the law, which may have been the case in Limbo, but not on my turf. When he showed up at that house with a sixer of gluten free hard lemonade and some dong bags I knew we finally had him.”

Copper Kidd could not be reached for comment.


Stay tuned to learn the fates of the other Silverhawks characters, such as Commander Stargazer, Mon*Star, Melodia, Hotwing and more…


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