The 50 Funniest Women of All Time

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

No wordy intro necessary here. By now you know the formula- once a month we assemble a panel, rank something, and slather it in hyperbole. Recent lists include the 50 Greatest Sitcoms of All Time, the 50 Funniest Movies of All Time, and the Most Important Mustaches in Sitcom History. Plugging done, let’s begin.

We’re proud of the panel we’ve assembled to help create this list:

Our special guest panelist consistently provides laughs for her legion of Twitter followers. One of her tweets was recently featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and we can all agree that Ellen knows her shit. Those who listen to our podcast know how proud we are to welcome writer & SNL contributor Sarah Beattie (@nachosarah) to the panel! 

Each panelist submitted their individual list of the funniest women of all time. In all, 101 different women were listed spanning all forms of entertainment.  The lists were combined to form a composite ranking, here were the results:


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50. Debra Messing

Highest individual rank: #11 (Will West)

“I was always singing and dancing for my mother when I wasn’t glued to the television watching I Love Lucy or the Carol Burnett Show.”


49. Nikki Glaser

Highest individual rank: #17 (Sarah Beattie)

Nikki Glaser appeared on 2003’s Last Comic Standing. Co-hosting the You Had To Be There podcast with comedian Sara Schaefer led to the pair landing a new late night show on MTV that starts January 29th at 11pm.

“My favorite One Direction song has to be ‘Who Told You You’re Beautiful?'”


48. Aisha Tyler

Highest individual rank: #23 (Will West)

“Do you have any idea what it’s like when you try and make home porn? My husband and I tried it. We looked like charging hippos. Best to leave it to the pros.”


47. Aubrey Plaza

Highest individual rank: #10 (Sarah Beattie)

“When I made Amy Poehler laugh, it was a big thing for me. She’s been one of my role models since high school, because she started UCB, which is what I wanted to do since high school.”


46. Anna Faris

Highest individual rank: #18 (Corey Chapman)

“I’m not easily grossed out, but you can’t help being turned off a little at the thought of being plastered to the ceiling by your boyfriend’s man-juice.”


45. Rebel Wilson

Highest individual rank: #9 (Sarah Beattie)

“Well, she kinda looks like Adele, but can she sing?”


44. Isla Fisher

Highest individual rank: #20 (Sarah Beattie)

“My first job was collecting horse poop, putting it in sacks and selling it on the other side of the road. For a dollar! And it’s quite a lot of work. I would say that seventy poops go into one of those big sacks. And let me tell you, you have the gloves on at the beginning. And then you think, this is taking too long. And before you know it, there are no gloves! And you’re just picking up the poop. But it’s dried poop, rest assured.”


43. Chelsea Handler

Highest individual rank: #12 (Howie Decker)

“I think we can all agree that sleeping around is a great way to meet people.”


42. Sarah Millican

Highest individual rank: #18 (Sarah Beattie)

“There’s a song called ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’. Yeah they do; they cry ’cause they’re fat, ’cause they can’t get a boyfriend and cry ’cause there’s no trifle left.”


41. Jane Curtin 

Highest individual rank: #11 (eclectik)



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