The Masked Man’s ‘The Squared Circle’ Chronicles Professional Wrestling’s ‘Bizarro World’

We caught up with David Shoemaker recently to get his thoughts on the current state of wrestling and some insights into assembling The Squared Circle.

Billy Corgan Using Some of that “Pumpkin Money” to Buy TNA Wrestling

Sports entertainment website SE Scoops is reporting that former Smashing Pumpkins frontman and lifelong wrestling fan Billy Corgan is set to purchase an ownership stake in TNA Wrestling.

Grantland’s The Masked Man discusses ‘The Squared Circle’, “what’s real and what’s not” and more on Fox & Friends

Friend of the site and podcast guest David Shoemaker (@AKATheMaskedMan) appeared on Fox & Friends recently to discuss his new book The Squared Circle: Life, Death, and Professional Wrestling.

25 Pictures of Heartwarmingly Out of Character Professional Wrestlers

Although they’re known for being big bruisers, bloody brawlers and often downright nasty people inside the ring, many of pro wrestling’s greatest grapplers were in fact nice guys. Here are 25 candid photos exposing the softer side of wrasslin’s very best.

TNA’s #August1Warning: 8 People We’d Rather It Had Been

Inspired by this tweet from our friend @eclectik, are 8 people we would rather have been behind TNA’s #August1Warning.

6 Observations from the Series Premiere of Total Divas on E!

Total Divas premiered last night on E!, here are 6 casual observations from the show.

Professional Wrestling’s Greatest T-Shirts

It’s deceptively simple to become a pro wrestler.  I’ve met and talked with many in my day, some I consider friends. Here’s how it’s done: Find a wrestling school. Don’t give up. Drive hundreds and thousands of miles honing your craft. Earn everything you get. Along the way there will be bills that need to […]

WWE Divas to Star in New E! Reality Series + 10 More WWE Superstars and the Reality Shows They’d Be Perfect For

It was announced yesterday that WWE’s Bella Twins, along with fellow Divas The Funkadactyls, Natalya and Eva Marie will be starring in a new E! reality series following their “challenges both inside and outside of the ring”. I’ll resist the urge to speculate on what kind of “challenges” the Divas endure outside of the ring, but […]

Top 5 Wrestlers Who Should Be Inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame

Every year the WWE holds their Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the night before Wrestlemania. The event has really come a long way from being held in a small banquet hall and honoring one or two legends. The HOF Ceremony has become a must-see event and gives back to wrestling fans in a certain way […]

5 of the Most Underrated Wrestlers of the 80s

Thumbnail image for 5 of the Most Underrated Wrestlers of the 80s

I will start off by admitting that I was a full-fledged Hulkamaniac back in the day and will probably always be one. I trained, prayed and ate my vitamins- and when “Real American” would start playing I cheered for the Hulkster to get to the ring and rip his shirt off before ripping into his […]

The 8 Biggest Pushes in Wrestling History

The Funkasaurus. Lord Tensai. Mark Henry every 8 months. The procession of “pushes gone wrong” will march on as long as the WWE is in business. The following are not necessarily pushes that ended conspicuously, but it seems those are the ones we always focus on. Here are 8 of the biggest pushes in wrestling […]

5 Reasons You’re Still a Fan of the WWE (after all these years)

Welcome to the second annual UnderScoopFire WrestleMania Week!   All this week we’ll be preparing you for the WWE’s largest annual event with tons of wrestling content including lists, humor, videos and more! Wrestling fans are all or nothing. Most people who consider themselves part of the WWE Universe are not new to professional wrestling. […]

The (sub) League has spoken! You’re the New WWE VP of Creative

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Last Monday we had the honor of hosting the first ever League of Extraordinary Bloggers sub-assignment! The WWE posted a career opening for a new VP of Creative Writing, and we called on the WWE fans within The League to take advantage of the opening! Here are the submissions: Keith Holt of Ring Time Pro […]

What Would YOU Do as the WWE VP of Creative Writing?

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Welcome to the first ever League of Extraordinary Bloggers Sub-Assignment!   If you read this site you’re probably aware of The League by now, but if not get the background here. Every week an assignment is published via The League’s hub, Cool and Collected. Diligent League members everywhere crank out blog posts in accordance with […]

UnderScoopFire Royal Rumble… 2!

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It’s back!   Before we start, if you haven’t seen the original UnderScoopFire Royal Rumble (let’s call it USF Rumble I) you must read it before proceeding! Read the post that distinguished blogger/podcaster eclectik called “the greatest UnderScoopFire feature ever”! Last year, we took the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble concept and replaced the customary 30 pro […]