Rich Stambolian

14 Movies that Should Have Had a Supporting Toy Line

With today’s release of the LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean, we decided to take a look at some 80s movies that kids (or adults) would have loved a supporting toy line for.

10 Good Reasons to Marry the Guy You’re With

Being in a relationship can be tough sometimes. If you’re wondering if your guy is a keeper then take a look at this handy checklist.

Casting the (Possible) Upcoming Marvel Movies

It looks like we’re entering a new age of comic book movies now that Marvel has greenlit some upcoming flicks AND has gotten the rights back to certain characters that were in creative limbo like The Punisher, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider (did someone say a Marvel Knights movie!?).

10 Comic Book Women You’d Like to Get With

Would you rather have the girl next door or THE girl next door in Mary Jane Watson? Would you rather have a woman that just loves cats or THE Catwoman?

Five Movies that Need to Be Remade

This is a list of five movies that are in dire need of a remake/re-envisioning for various reasons. Check ’em out and I’m sure you’ll agree. If you don’t, then I hope someone remakes you.

5 Comic Books That Would Make Amazing Television Shows

There are some amazing comic books out there that fans are dying to see converted to television shows. AMC’s ​The Walking Dead is a hit and it was a no brainer to make it into a television show. Some work and some don’t, but here is a list of shows that could easily translate well to […]

Top 5 Wrestlers Who Should Be Inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame

Every year the WWE holds their Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the night before Wrestlemania. The event has really come a long way from being held in a small banquet hall and honoring one or two legends. The HOF Ceremony has become a must-see event and gives back to wrestling fans in a certain way […]

5 Reasons You’re Still a Fan of the WWE (after all these years)

Welcome to the second annual UnderScoopFire WrestleMania Week!   All this week we’ll be preparing you for the WWE’s largest annual event with tons of wrestling content including lists, humor, videos and more! Wrestling fans are all or nothing. Most people who consider themselves part of the WWE Universe are not new to professional wrestling. […]

5 Reasons DC Comics’ New 52 Relaunch is Leaving Fans Like “Huh!?”

There are a lot of fans that love 2011’s New 52 relaunch from DC Comics and I’ll admit it has been a great jumping on point for new readers. However:   Pre-Relaunch Continuity Doesn’t Exist But It Does? Whoa. Waitasec. You mean Earth 2 exists and the Golden Age heroes are young and just getting […]

5 Comics You Should Be Reading Right Now

Whether you’re looking to branch out, or you’re tired of the titles in your pull list, here are five current comic book titles that all comics fans should be reading right now.   Hawkeye Hawkeye always struck most fans as a guy who couldn’t possibly maintain his own series for more than a few issues. […]

Top 5 Comic Book Moments We May Never See in AMC’s The Walking Dead

If you’re a Walking Dead fan who reads the comic and watches the show, you know that they are vastly different. They parallel each other in an interesting way. The show/comic dynamic makes you kind of think that the show is the other story Robert Kirkman could have told. That being said – you have […]