10 Comic Book Women You’d Like to Get With

by Rich Stambolian

There’s a lot to be said about female comic book characters. Without getting into an idealistic feminist discussion about what a character wears or what their motivation is, if some of these femme fatales were real; comic fans would go insane with love and lust.

How could you not? Would you rather have the girl next door or THE girl next door in Mary Jane Watson? Would you rather have a woman that just loves cats or THE Catwoman!?

If you could suspend disbelief and whatever politically correct view you may have I think you would find this top ten list highly… entertaining. Some may be a bit off kilter, but no one said I was a normal guy.


Girl One – Top 10 

Speaking of Top 10’s (file this under the hashtag #seewhatididthere) our first entrant on the list is Officer Sung “Girl One” Li from the radically awesome comic book series Top 10.

She’s a bio-engineered woman that is an amalgam of every male fantasy (in the Top 10 world) who also happens to walk around naked, but her ever changing skin lets the viewer believe she is just wearing a skin tight spandex suit. Her reasoning: she’s more comfortable that way. If this doesn’t scream Weird Science then I don’t know what does. She’s gorgeous and a cop? SOLD.


Emma Frost – X-Men

Once the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, this deadly vixen forever cloaked in white garb and or diamond form would probably turn any guy she encountered in the real world into a whimpering pile of awkward noises and ill-timed muscle spasms.

She is the all-powerful woman that guys have been told about since their coming of age. She’s brilliant, strong, gorgeous, spoiled, and extremely dominant. If you tried to approach Emma Frost at a bar all that would come out would be a long, dry-mouthed stutter. Listen, we’re not all Scott Summerses or Fonzies over here! Some of us would settle for being Scott Baio.


Black Widow – Avengers

Seriously, we have to deal with the hot Russian version in the comics AND the Scarlett Johansen version in the Marvel flicks!? That’s just not fair to the lowly comic nerd looking for a date on Saturday night.

If Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) were real we would probably do our best to kick it to her, but would draw back a stump because this femme fatale aims to kill and or maim. The ultimate chick who has no time for BS is right here and us comic fans can respect that.


Atom Eve – Invincible

Atom Eve is the sweet girl you become friends with first, then fall in love with. The only downside is that she would be dating Invincible and would want nothing to do with you. BUT, that wouldn’t stop you from fawning over her on campus or at that weekly flip cup tournament. We can thank her for inspiring some super-hot cosplay too.


Gamora – Guardians of the Galaxy

Green skinned warrior woman from outer space? Yes, please! Gamora represents an air of mystery and intrigue that most terrestrial women have yet to master. Dare us men nerds approach a woman who was raised by Thanos the Mad Titan!? The deadliest woman in the Galaxy would probably be entertained by your weak attempts at charm but would eventually drink you under the table and probably cut you in half.


[image: Gauardians of the Galaxy Games]

Violence aside, I think I speak for all nerds when I say we definitely need a green skinned warrior woman from outer space at the next house party.


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