Casting the (Possible) Upcoming Marvel Movies

by Rich Stambolian

It looks like we’re entering a new age of comic book movies now that Marvel has greenlit some upcoming flicks AND has gotten the rights back to certain characters that were in creative limbo like The Punisher, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider (did someone say a Marvel Knights movie!?).

Here is a list of casting choices for what we hope are upcoming Marvel movies. This list is heroes only… villains will be coming soon!


Iron Fist

The secondary street level Marvel characters can make any appearance in an Avengers installment or in their own movie. My pick for Iron Fist is Mike Vogel who most recently played a role in the TV series Bates Motel.

He has the look for the part and the acting chops to pull it off. Although we aren’t quite at the stage of a solo Iron Fist flick, I would like to see him in Avengers 3 along with his partner for hire.


Luke Cage

C’mon now! There is only one dude BAD enough that looks like he was born to play everyone’s favorite impenetrable-skinned street tough and that’s Terry Crews. Terry has had a very unique career but the closest he’s come to playing a superhero was Hale Caesar in The Expendables.

[image: The Movie Blog]

He was most recently in the Netflix season of Arrested Development and who can forget him as President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in Idiocracy? He NEEDS to be in a Superhero flick AS Luke Cage. Make it happen!


Ghost Rider

The only guy who can play a believable Johnny Blaze or young punk Danny Ketch is Ryan Gosling. He is one mainstream actor that would bring a solid foundation to any Marvel movie.

If you saw A Place Beyond the Pines then you would certainly know that he can ride a bike and look good doing it on film. He possesses the tortured realness we want out of a guy who bursts into flames and rides a motorcycle in the name of vengeance.



Namor may never be in any Marvel flick but if he does surface (see what I did there?) then the only person to play him would have to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

[image: CBR]

Now, process that for a minute and hold that thought in your head. Now picture The Rock doing the people’s eyebrow in a movie as a character that has much eyebrow. Mind blown? I thought so.


Moon Knight

Paul Walker would be my pick for the mercenary turned hero that is faced with constant inner turmoil. My other choice would have been a young Ethan Hawke who has made portraying a conflicted character an art form.



Although she does not really go along with the semi Ultimates version of the Marvel movies, wouldn’t you like to see that awesome yellow and red costume on the big screen? And I ain’t talkin’ the Hulkster, brother!

That being said, I would love to see Jennifer Lawrence put on the spandex for this role. SHE CAN ACT!


Captain Marvel

This is one femme fatale we would all love to see on the big screen. How about Bar Paly playing everyone’s favorite tough as nails super powered fighter pilot/Avenger?



Who could possibly play the man without fear? Well, a few spring to mind but one name is ahead of the pack in terms of playing Matt Murdock AND Daredevil in a believable way.

[image: Forces of Geek]

That name is Chris Pine. You may remember him as CAPTAIN FREAKIN’ KIRK! He has the youth, charm, and look to make our new Daredevil stand out in a crowd.


The Punisher

The Punisher franchise seems to be cursed. I grew up with the Dolph Lundren version (which is just wrong), sat through Tom Jane (sorry dude, I know you are still holding onto it) and actually enjoyed the Ray Stevenson version (wait Punisher is Volstagg!?). I want someone to really own the role and be a combination of the MAX version of the character and the white-gloved one from the comics (and the current Rucka version, which kicked all the asses).

Who better than Randy Couture? He has the skills to be believable as a marine, looks like he’s been in a million scrapes, and is the perfect age. Think about it!


Other quick casting hits:

Kiera Knightly as Abigail Brand

Kenneth Johnson as Hawkeye (I know I know)

Clint Eastwood as Nick Fury (image inducer)

Michael Fassbender as Quicksilver


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Rich Stambolian (@btcrich) can be found in his native habitat of Flushing, Queens. When he’s not in the wild he enjoys a good comic book, a good rasslin’ match, a video game or two, and maybe an ice cold sud.

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