Top 5 Wrestlers Who Should Be Inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame

Every year the WWE holds their Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the night before Wrestlemania. The event has really come a long way from being held in a small banquet hall and honoring one or two legends. The HOF Ceremony has become a must-see event and gives back to wrestling fans in a certain way the weekly shows can’t.

Sometimes there is nothing better for a fan than to see the curtain get pulled back a little bit and hear some great stories from some true legends in the business. That being said; every year the fans clamor for those they feel are being overlooked or slighted by whatever backstage politics may or may not be going on. To celebrate this year’s upcoming Hall of Fame Ceremony, here are the top 5 wrestlers should go in sooner than later.



Granted the Stinger never set foot in a WWE ring but that does not mean he shouldn’t be in their Hall of Fame. Why? Well, regardless of how you feel about him; he DID have a legendary career and was part of the alternative to “getting run wild on”. The Four Horsemen enjoyed most of their prominent run outside of the WWE as well, and they are in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Sting was the face of WCW for many years and gave kids something to look up to. When those kids got older they wanted to see him come down from the rafters every night and kick some NWO ass. The Sting character has had a lot of ups and downs but you do have to acknowledge that he is unforgettable and a staple of the landscape of professional wrestling.


Macho Man Randy Savage

Having Macho Man in the HOF goes without saying. Since his untimely death the demand for him to finally be honored just keeps growing. It’s been leaving fans frustrated as to why he has not been inducted yet. Is it politics?  Are there truth to the many rumors about his departure from WWE?

Is it possible that the WWE is just waiting for the right time to acknowledge one of the single greatest competitors to ever lace up his boots? We the fans do not know, but we do know that we want to see Macho immortalized by being inducted sooner rather than later. Remember, he will always be there for you.


The Undertaker

The Undertaker’s career speaks for itself. He has the most enduring gimmick in professional wrestling and can work a match based on vibe alone at this point. The crowd hinges on his every move. He has reached such a supernatural level of notoriety that whenever he shows up on TV it’s the biggest of deals.

He may have only a couple of matches left in him and it would be high time for the phenom to take his rightful place among the legends that have gone before him. Will we see him break character and actually give the fans a little insight into the mind of the Deadman? Or will we see the fog rise as The Undertaker takes the stage, accepts the award, and walks away into the darkness? Either way you’re guaranteed to get chills.


The Great Muta

The Great Muta is a shining example of what pro wrestling is all about. We dare you to watch a Muta match and not be entertained or mystified. He wrestled in the states for a short period of time but is a legend in Japan. The Great Muta is an enduring international icon whose moves and mannerisms have been imitated over and over again by many a wrestler.

He should be inducted because he would bring a much-needed international flair to the Hall of Fame that it lacks. Plus, it would be awesome to see him spray some green mist all over the audience.


Classic ECW as a whole

Paul Heyman comes out each and every week as CM Punk’s manager (and Brock Lesnar’s, when Brock’s schedule permits). Amidst the boos and name calling you can still hear very audible ECW chants. ECW! ECW! ECW! That was the mantra for many wrestling fans that wanted more than what WWE and WCW had to offer.

ECW gave the misfits a home and they created larger than life characters that gave you their blood, sweat, and tears each week and at every show. You were afraid of them, respected them, and loved them. Individually, you may never see any of the originals in the Hall of Fame (with the exception of the Dudley Boyz, who will be in as the winningest tag team of all time) but as a whole they deserve it.

not this abomination

The roster of Extreme Championship Wrestling always struck me as a united army that would bleed for their brand no matter what came their way. With Paul Heyman at the helm we would see the stage get overtaken by Raven, Sandman, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, Shane Douglas, New Jack, Tajiri, Jerry Lynn, Balls Mahoney, Tazz, Rhyno, The BWO, and the list goes on. The Hall of Fame would get a much-needed dose of the EXTREME.


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