Weird and Awesome Inventions Created out of Boredom

by Staff & Contributors on June 18, 2018

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It’s inevitable that everyone suffers from boredom from time to time. There are a lot of things that you can do when you are bored and they don’t have to be something big or special. Little things are sometimes very amusing and can keep you entertained for hours.

People have invented things out of boredom. The creative juices suddenly come out when you are bored.  Some of these were simply an idea while a lot of these have been acted upon. Some of these inventions are weird inventions while some of them are useful inventions. These inventions were simply thought of as solutions to everyday problems. Some of them may sound ridiculous but actually prove to be useful.

According to cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists, when you are bored, a network in the brain gets ignited which is called the default mode. When you are bored and you let your mind wander, you start thinking out of the box where different connections take place. Your brain gets a lot of ideas and it tries to solve problems and this is also known as autobiographical planning. By doing nothing, you are being your most creative and productive self.

Here are some of the weird and awesome inventions that were created out of boredom:

LED Slippers

Don’t be scared while walking inside the house during the dark. The LED slippers will light your way so that you wouldn’t be scared and you wouldn’t end up bumping into furniture or stepping into things that you’re not supposed to step on.


Lodden Thinks

Lodden Thinks is a poker game that involves betting. It was invented by poker players Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak in the mid-2000s.

The game can be broken down into 6 simple steps:

  1. Assign someone as “Johnny Lodden”
  2. Ask that person any question that has a numerical answer and let them write down their guess.
  3. Make a good guess of what that person has written.
  4. Your opponent should either propose a higher number or “call” your bet. He/she will either choose a number lower than the number that you picked or a number higher than the number that you picked.
  5. When someone “calls”, the guess of Johnny Lodden should be revealed.
  6. Whoever was called should have a number lower than Johnny Lodden’s guess. If the number of the person who was called out is higher than the Johnny’s guess, then he/she loses and the person who called wins.


Ironing Board Mirror 

This ironing board works as an ironing board and a mirror in one. Once it is reversed, the iron board becomes a mirror. It saves a lot of space at home and it is also dual purpose. With this invention, you don’t need to buy a separate full length mirror because this ironing board can also serve as a full length mirror.


To-Do Tattoo

Do you tend to keep forgetting about the things that needs to get done within the day that you always have to keep a list of things to do? The to-do tattoo is a crazy invention but is perfect for people who are forgetful and who tend to have short term memory loss. This is a temporary tattoo that you can put on your hands. It comes with a gel pen that is safe for the skin which you can use to write your to do list on the to-do tattoo in your hands.


Pizza Scissors

These are one of the most awesome inventions. It can be quite frustrating to cut pizza slices and make sure that the pizza slices are cut equally. The invention is just like a normal scissors but the lower part of the scissors has a triangle shaped container to catch the pizza that is being cut.

Football Chair

This chair is a great source of entertainment. You can play football while sitting down. The chair has a net that is covering the chair’s legs. It will act as the goal while you enjoy playing football with someone else.


Anti-pervert Hairy Leg Stockings

This crazy invention came from the Chinese. Its purpose is to shoo away attackers from attacking young girls or women. It is a stocking that is made of a lot of hair that when you wear it, it would seem like you have a lot of hair in your legs just like that of a guy’s legs.


Mountain Buggy Bagrider Stroller Suitcase

Mountain buggy is a suitcase that also works as a stroller for toddlers. This is perfect for parents who travel a lot and bring their kids in tow. It also has a handy pocket where you can keep your passport and tickets. The frame of the suitcase is made from a strong, lightweight, and durable nylon plastic that can support up to 33 lbs. The seat is cushioned and it has a safety harness to ensure the toddler’s safety.


Did you know that fireworks were invented accidentally? Fireworks were invented by a cook in China 2,000 years ago. The cook mixed charcoal, saltpeter, and sulfur altogether and this mixture burned and exploded when it was compressed in a bamboo tube.

There are many other inventions out there to make life easier and to solve some of our daily problems. The advancement of technology has made it possible to make these crazy ideas come into reality. Most of these inventions are not made from scratch. They were invented out of necessity. They are made up of simple things or products that have been redesigned or combined with other products to serve another purpose.

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