Why Do People Lose in Online Rummy? 4 Reasons Uncovered

by Staff & Contributors on June 13, 2018

in Gaming

Wins and losses are part of any game. In case of rummy, it is even more profound as it is based on your mental skills. Unlike many other 24×7 games based on luck, rummy is entirely dependent on your ability to decode your opponent’s move and your strategies to win. However, there are times when you encounter failures in online rummy. Have you reasoned why?

Well, here are 4 possible reasons uncovered for losing in online rummy.

  1. Deviating from the basics

Knowing the basics of how to play rummy game is vital to winning at rummy. In online rummy, the basic winning rule is to meld at least 2 sequences with minimum 1 pure sequence. And you’ll have to meld the remaining cards into valid sets and sequences. Any deviation from this basic rule is ought to bring failures. Especially with beginners, their focus goes astray in their rush to do plan the game. Ensure you get your priorities right in order to be in line with the basics.


  1. Losing focus

Any game, for that matter, needs your focus if you wish to succeed in it. Even a card game like rummy is no exception to this case. In fact, as 24×7 rummy games is a skill-based your focus can make or break your game. Losing focus is equivalent to inviting failures for you. A fresh mind will always help maintain your focus intact. On the contrary, if you are tired and drained out due to fatigue, you’ll not able to think properly let alone focusing on the game. Hence, do not play rummy online when you are tired, disturbed, feeling sleepy or even if you are sick.


  1. Inability to judge a bad hand

Rummy is indeed a beautiful game which calls for your skills at every step. If you are dealt with a bad hand, then you should develop the ability to judge if you need to play the game or drop initially. You should pick from the cues that your hand indicates and then decide wisely. For example, if you do not have even a single joker, or you find a remote possibility of melding a pure sequence, then it is a loud and clear indication to decide for an initial drop itself. You should be adept enough to understand implications of your hand to your success and decide your actions.


  1. Inability to decipher opponent moves

One of the important success elements in online rummy is your ability to understand your opponent intentions based on their moves. Rummy is a game of drawing and discarding cards; so, every time your opponent discards a card or picks one from the open deck, you should be skilful enough to read their actions. These moves are loud hints about the possible melds they are working. If your opponent picks 8 of Spades and 6 of Spades successively it is a clear indication that he/she is working on a sequence there. You could possibly guess that he/she could be holding a 7 of Spades or a 9 of Spades.

Final thoughts

A combination of focus, knowledge, adherence to the basics and uncanny skill to observe the opponents will fetch great rewards in online rummy.


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