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For Those About to Rock: 15 Workout Outfits that Symbolized the 80s

Ah the 80s, when physical fitness first came into the forefront of the American conscious. It was in that glorious decade that the bombardment of various late-night infomercials with zany products designed to make you slim and trim truly hit its highest.

20 Reasons Mustaches are Cool Every Month, Not Just “Movember”

These days, mustaches are a trend. Nothing more than an internet meme and an extension of hipster branding. In the 1980s though, mustaches were legit.

The 10 Essential Stuffed Animals of the 80s

In the 1980s stuffed animals were all the rage. I can’t think of an era where stuffed animals have even come close to being as big a business as they were in 80s. Which stuffed goodies were the best?

A Winner is You: The 10 Best 80s & 90s Fictional Video Game Wrestlers

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, before the McMahon empire completely strangled out the territories, wrestling video games were not unlike wrestling at the time, unpredictable and diverse.

The Indoorsman’s Guide to Labor Day: 12 Things to Do Instead of Picnics and Parties

For those indoorsmen who want to spend this Labor Day doing the least amount of strenuous activity as possible, we present the 12 Best Things You Can Do Indoors On Labor Day.

25 Pictures of Heartwarmingly Out of Character Professional Wrestlers

Although they’re known for being big bruisers, bloody brawlers and often downright nasty people inside the ring, many of pro wrestling’s greatest grapplers were in fact nice guys. Here are 25 candid photos exposing the softer side of wrasslin’s very best.

10 Ways Breaking Bad could Jump the Shark in its Final 8 Episodes

Through the years lots of good shows have “Jumped the Shark”, particularly in their final season. Part of it is almost inevitable for high quality shows, as they can run out of steam or because fans build up expectations that the last season could never actually reach.

AMC’s Breaking Bad has been a pretty fantastic show from top to bottom thus far and most viewers would be hard pressed to come up with any “Jump the Shark” moments as of yet.

The 10 Most Controversial Rolling Stone Covers

Since it’s inception in 1967, Rolling Stone magazine has been a lightning rod of controversy. Whether it was the bizarre journalism of Hunter S. Thompson or the touchy nature of it’s “Best Of” lists, Rolling Stone has always had someone up in arms about something

5 Reasons ‘Bad Dudes’ is the Ultimate 80s Video Game

Are you a bad enough dude to read this article?