What Would YOU Do as the WWE VP of Creative Writing?

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Welcome to the first ever League of Extraordinary Bloggers Sub-Assignment!


If you read this site you’re probably aware of The League by now, but if not get the background here.

Every week an assignment is published via The League’s hub, Cool and Collected. Diligent League members everywhere crank out blog posts in accordance with the assignment, and on Monday a throng of excellent content is published via the League page on Cool & Collected.

This week, an excellent topic arose for The League to tackle, but not everyone in The League is a fan of the WWE. UnderScoopFire is hosting the first ever League Sub-Assignment so those Leaguers who ARE into WWE can participate if they wish!

Here it is:

The WWE has posted a job opening for a Vice President of Creative Writing. A sample of the career overview via WWE’s career site:

The VP Creative Writing will be responsible for the creative content strategy and direction for all weekly TV programming. He/She will manage the Head Writer, Show Runners, and the writing team, provide long-term direction in the development of story lines and WWE superstar characters.

This is your chance! One thing WWE fans (myself included) love to do is gripe about the direction of the talent and storylines, and suggest alternative direction, or “fantasy booking”. If you landed this position, that’s exactly what you’d be responsible for. That, and fetching Vince McMahon’s daily Sugar-Free Red Bull and 1/2lb. bag of Funyuns (he’s a creature of habit).

Read more about the job opening here.

The Assignment:

Write a blog post outlining what direction you’d take WWE in if you were in charge of Creative. You can be as detailed as you like, going with a broad overview or just a few bullet points of matches you’d make, pushes you’d give, face/heel turns you’d order, wrestlers you’d fire/promote, etc.

“Don’t F this up.”

You don’t need to already be a League member to participate! Once your post is live on your site, come back here and put the link in the comments. I’ll post a summary next Monday with everyone’s links. Remember to take some of the other Leaguer’s links from here and place them at the end of your post – the whole point is to share and foster link-building between sites!




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