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This Photo of a Divorcing Couple Dividing Their Beanie Babies in Court is So 90s, So Sad

Below is a photo of Frances and Harold Mountain, divorcing in 1999, using their day in court to fairly divide their “assets”.

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For all of the divisive properties out there, there are some that are relatively hater-free. While nothing is universally loved, these 10 things are widely respected by every nerd, even if they can’t be counted as a fan.

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Television, movies, comic books, and new toys (!!!!) all headline the discussion in this week’s episode.

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7 NES Games That Stand the Test of Time

Thumbnail image for 7 NES Games That Stand the Test of Time

I loved DuckTales (still do, in fact!) and while it would be easy enough to wax nostalgic about it, I decided to go with 7 other games that are deserving of our adoration – and, hopefully, will one day be remastered for the HD generation.

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Collecting knock-off action figures is a growing niche market. In search of the exceptional and weird, collectors are willing to pay good money for these toys, especially Masters of the Universe knock-offs.

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If you’re one of those who are looking for a list of the best games to play, we have compiled five popular retro titles you must try on your mobile device.

Interview with a Zombie: Creating the Perfect Tribute to Children of the 80s

I had a chance to chat with Ross, the diabolically brilliant creator of 8-bit ZOMBIE, as I could no longer fight the urge to dive deeper into the genesis of Eternia’s raddest zombie.