10 Awesome Gadgets Every 90s Kid Knows About

by Staff & Contributors on January 4, 2015

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What was the best part of growing up in the 90s? The tech, of course! The 1990s were an important decade for technology. The rise of the World Wide Web happened in the earlier years, followed by the release of some iconic gadgets that 90s kids will never forget.


K’Nex were similar to LEGO, but a lot more advanced. The entire K’Nex set had 19 different connectors and rods that were used to build everything from awesome helicopters to towering roller coasters. People often say that the things you can do with LEGO are limitless- but this is even more true about K’Nex.

Bop It

The most annoying yet addicting game of the 90s was Bop It. It featured commands including “Pull It,” “Twist It,” and of course, “Bop It.” The game was great for competing with friends or even challenging yourself to score higher. Then 1998 saw the release of Bop It Extreme, which added “Spin It” and “Flick It” to the mix.

Tamagotchi Pet

The Tamagotchi Pet was all the rage in the 1990s. It was a pet that you had to care for- or it could die in less than a day. While it seems like this would be upsetting, Tamagotchis were so popular that there were quite a few schools that banned them.


DVD Player

The DVD player was another popular gadget of the 90s. It was an attempt to revolutionize the way that you watched movies, as DVDs did not have to be rewound or fast forwarded like VHS tapes. Unfortunately, as many found out, the DVD scratched and was ruined a lot easier than a VHS tape.

The Instant Polaroid

The Instant Polaroid was the first camera that allowed you to view the picture as soon as you snapped it. It was a step up from the cameras that had an actual film roll that needed to be developed before you could view it. Polaroids were so popular that they continue to make awesome gadgets today, like the Polaroid Cube.


TI-83 Calculator

The TI-83 Calculator could graph quadratic functions and perform some equations. However, that was not what made them cool. If you knew where to look, the TI-83 also had games like Tetris and Falldown.

Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was one of the most popular game systems of the 90s. It offered up real competition for the Super Nintendo and came with hit games like Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog. The Sega Genesis is no longer manufactured today, but its legacy lives on through different platforms that still let you play its hit games.

Super Nintendo

Every 90s kid remembers the Super Nintendo. If they didn’t have one, they had a friend that had one. Super Mario World was one of the most memorable games for this console and it alone made it worth the price you paid. It offered hours of endless fun. Another remarkable thing about the Super Nintendo was the cartridges. You know that you blew in one at least once!



The 90s also saw the release of the Sony Playstation, which sold over 100 million units, more than any other console up to that point. Some of its memorable games included Tekken, Gran Turismo, and Final Fantasy. It was made famous because of its wide array of games and DualShock controllers that featured two joysticks and tons of buttons.

The 90s were an awesome decade for tech gadgets. This list does not even begin to scratch the surface of the cool gadgets that came of age just before the turn of the century.

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