3 Must-Have Mobile Gadgets For The Modern Man in 2015

by Staff & Contributors on January 2, 2015

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The recent CES event drew significant interest from a global audience, as the world’s latest technological innovations are introduced to the consumer market. While it is hard to decipher definitive trends from such a wide and diverse selection of products, it is clear that multi-purpose, mobile gadgets remain in extremely high demand all around the world. Those that enable cross-platform experiences are particularly popular, especially among gamers and avid media or audio streamers.

The 3 Must have Mobile Gadgets for 2015

Let’s take a look at three of the most popular, must-have mobile gadgets for 2015:

The Devialet Phantom

Whether you enjoy media streaming or playing immersive, online games, high quality audio represents a key component of these experiences. This is often best achieved by using speakers, which have been designed to deliver an immersive audio experience while also having the capacity to connect wirelessly to mobile phones and tablets.

The Devialet Phantom is the best example of this technology on the current market, as it utilises a unique microprocessor that hybridizes digital and analogue technology and produces an incredibly high quality of sound. Sources suggest that it will be released at some point during February, while it is likely to retail at around $2,000.


Razer Forge TV

Gaming peripherals company Razer showcased a wide range of products and innovations at the recent CES event, with the micro-console Forge TV leading the charge. Essentially, Forge TV has been designed to stream PC, Android and console titles to the big screen, while it is also equipped with classic game controllers and a foldable keyboard and mouse-pad combination accessory.

This means that a diverse library of titles can be accessed from a single location, making it an ideal investment whether you enjoy testing the waters on Canadian online casinos like Royal Vegas or prefer a different kind of atmosphere by playing traditional arcade games. At just $99 for the box, it is likely to benefit from huge demand in the coming months.


The Nvidia Shield Tablet

While its name may be questionable, the Nvidia Shield tablet is widely acknowledged to be the single most sought-after mobile gadget on the market in 2015. The first tablet that has been dedicated specifically to gamers, it’s extremely lightweight while boasting high resolution graphics, incredible audio quality and responsive controls.

The device is also backed by considerable innovation, as owners will be able to access a number of game streaming services (such as GRID) to create a mobile gaming network and share their favorite titles in real-time.


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