This Photo of a Divorcing Couple Dividing Their Beanie Babies in Court is So 90s, So Sad

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Below is a photo of Frances and Harold Mountain, divorcing in 1999, using their day in court to fairly divide their “assets”. Their mutual Beanie Baby collection has been shamelessly strewn about the courtroom floor as they divvy up their fortune. More details of the 1999 case are here, including which Beanie Baby was picked first in the saddest draft of all time (it was Maple the Bear).

OK check it out, but no judging (see what I did there?):

Actually, the woman in the back row seems to be craning her neck with that “If no one wants Smoochy the Frog, I’d be willing to take it off your hands” look, but for the other five attendees this has to still rank as the most uncomfortable moment of their lives.

Don’t feel bad for the attorney, his rate was likely $250/hour, meaning he could buy that entire Beanie Baby collection today for about 15 minutes of work in 1999.

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