10 People Who Make the World a Nerdier (and Better) Place | #3 Aisha Tyler

by Jay Malone on February 13, 2015

in Nerd Culture

Over the coming months we’ll spotlight 10 people who actively make the world a better place for us pop culture nerds (and, by default, a better place in general). Check back next week for part four.

In case you missed it, here are part one (Stephen Amell) and part two (James Hance).

Aisha Tyler

Some of us know Aisha Tyler as the voice of Lana on Archer, and that would be enough to get her on this list. But toss in her amazing weekly podcast Girl on Guy, her hosting gig on Whose Line is it Anyway?, her positive love of video games, and countless other nerd-friendly appearances such as her role in Weird Al’s video Tacky, and you’ve got your Queen of the Geeks right here.

Aisha is also credited by Stephen Amell for a “big time assist” in the creation of the Sinceriously movement, which is the driving force behind the sale of thousands of shirts, the proceeds of which go to two charities: Stand for the Silent and Paws and Stripes (check out Amell on the October 7 episode of Tyler’s podcast). Amell is leading the campaign to have ‘sinceriously’ added to the Oxford Dictionary, and defines the word as “inclusionary, non-judgemental, and approachable”. By all accounts, these words could be used to describe Tyler as well.

According to Look to the Stars, Aisha Tyler is “deeply dedicated to charity and volunteerism, serving on the board of Planned Parenthood, directing a film to benefit wounded warriors, acting as spokesperson for the American Red Cross, and fundraising for Doctors Without Borders, Futures Without Violence and the International Rescue Committee, and is a member of the Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet” meaning she not only makes the world a

Head to AishaTyler.com for info on upcoming live performances.

Kevin Hellions February 13, 2015 at 10:03 pm

You’re not even scratching the surface. Her podcast is amazing. She’s hysterical. She saved Friends during its later years. Wife Pretty Hall of Fame here.

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