11 Things We Want To See In Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money

by Jason Gross @SockofFleagulls on February 12, 2015

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Last week amidst reports of a Legend of Zelda television series and G.I. Joe 3 rumors was another surprising story about a long lost children of the 80s-friendly sequel. On the Take A Knee Podcast with Adam Corrolla, Mel Brooks proposed the thought of actually making a Spaceballs sequel. After being asked about another movie, Brooks said:

I was thinking about Spaceballs the other day….I’m thinking now, if I did a movie that came out right after Star Wars comes out — maybe a couple of months later — I’d have a big weekend, you know? No matter what, even if it fell on its ass and didn’t get its money back…but that first weekend, the anticipation of seeing Spaceballs 2, would…I still have Daphne Zuniga and I still have Rick Moranis if he’d do it, and I’ve still got me.

If you’re a cult fan of the original that was released in 1987, you’ll remember at the end of the movie there was a joke about Lonestarr and Yogurt seeing each other again in Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money. I would love to see a Spaceballs sequel and have come up with 11 things I would WANT to see in the movie:

Maximum parody of Star Wars Episode VII

Forget trying to release a movie right after Star Wars Episode VII. Let us go see it 12 times and then use the best scenes to parody. It could also be the ticket to how to bring back the aged Lonestarr and Princess Vespa characters.

 image via nerdbastards


A killer 80s soundtrack ala Guardians of the Galaxy

The ‘70s-laden Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was a #1 album last year.  Adding a killer ‘80s soundtrack and incorporating a Starlord-like opening scene would make a Spaceballs sequel worth the price of admission for anyone.


A Mog Planet

Unfortunately, John Candy is no longer with us to suit up Barf one last time. A great way to pay tribute to him would be to visit an entire planet of Mogs ala the Wookiee planet Kashyyyk.


A New Spaceball One With Insane Speed

Spaceball One/Mega Maid must be rebuilt and larger than ever. It must also transform into something even more ridiculous and go beyond ludicrous speed to “insane speed.” (Note: great scene for a cameo by Ludacris.)


New Schwartz Ring Swords

Since we already know about the controversial new style lightsabers that will appear in Star Wars VII, why not upgrade the Schwartz ring swords? Maybe instead of a single ring, they could upgrade to Schwartz brass knuckles and have Wolverine-like claw properties.


Merchandising! Merchandising! 

We know that film companies don’t produce movies just for the money. They do it for a SH**LOAD of money! So why not license the Spaceballs brand to every company that wants it. Come on, you can’t tell me that Charmin sales wouldn’t double with the release of Spaceballs: The Toilet Paper for real!

Every scene in the Spaceballs sequel should feature someone using something that is branded with Spaceballs. Hell, the plot of the movie could be the Guardians of the Winnebago trying to shut down the Spaceballs manufacturing plant.


The Comb The Desert Scene With John Boyega Cameo

Come on. You know you want to hear him say the line.


Dark Helmet Playing With Action Figures

And speaking of merchandising, I want to see Dark Helmet playing with his dolls again. This time I want see 6” action figures and I want a toy company to produce them so I can play at home.


A Stunt Double Scene

One of my favorite scenes in the original is when the Spaceballs capture the stunt doubles. Maybe this time they capture the stunt doubles and their “Tenement on Wheels.”


A Michael Winslow Cameo

Another great scene is in the original is when the radar technician played by Michael Winslow loses the bleeps, sweeps, and creeps.

With Spaceball One rebuilt, let’s give Winslow a job upgrade and have him be the main pilot of the ship. Imagine the sound effects he could do with a whole cockpit of buttons.


An Instant Blu-ray scene

Instead of instant cassettes, the Spaceball One film library has been converted to instant Blu-rays. We can then get another “Now” scene to find Lonestarr’s Winnebago with a setup of “hey, it worked last time.”

Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls) is the creator of Rediscover the 80s and loves to subject his two sons to 80s pop culture. He is also the co-creator of Agents of M.A.S.K. and enjoys freelance writing about 80s music & nostalgia.

Dex1138 (@Dex1138) February 12, 2015 at 7:13 pm

All of this!
I think for SB2 I’d like to see it have just as much Guardians influence as Star Wars.

Hail Mary February 13, 2015 at 12:14 am

Yes please! Spaceballs is easily one of my favorite 80s movies. I still remember watching it with my friends at a sleepover and trying to Vulcan neck pitch each other into unconsciousness. I would love to see a sequel for all of these reasons and more.

Andy February 24, 2019 at 5:34 pm

I have been a big fan my whole life and I definitely want to see a Spaceballs 2 get made before it’s way too late.

I can imagine calling it Spaceballs: A Saga Story with the premise being it poking fun of remakes and trilogies.

I really hope Rick Moranis would be willing to do it even if it were only one scene during the last act in the movie. Also, Dan Fogle would make an excellent Mog if I may say.

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