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Unbreakable: 6 Dreadful Injures Clark Griswold Should Have Suffered In ‘Christmas Vacation’

I count at least six instances where Clark would’ve required some medical attention or even an ambulance trip to the ER.

17 Things You Might Not Know About the WPIX ‘Yule Log’

I decided to go a little deeper this year on Yule Log yore. Here are 17 things you might not know about the WPIX Yule Log (and some imitators).

Apoca-LIST | 10 Epic Rock Songs Worthy Of Your Last Request

Time for another Apoca-LIST – a weekly examination of how pop culture and entertainment fit in with the end of days.

Ten (Spoiler-Free) Possible Explanations For C-3PO’s Mysterious Red Arm in ‘The Force Awakens’

Did he get caught up in some big First Order battle? Did the nearby parts planet discontinue protocol droid appendages? Is he just in the holiday spirit?

The 5 Worst Christmas Songs of All Time

Trust me, I’m only bringing these songs back from the dead to empty one final clip into their decaying bodies.

5 More ‘80s Properties that Would Be Perfect for Modern Video Games

First, Ubisoft gave us a peek at Toy Soldiers: War Chest featuring two factions based on Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe characters. Then came Activision’s Transformers: Devastation. What could be next?

11 Things We Want To See In Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money

Here are the 11 things we’d NEED to see in Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs sequel.

Nerd Up Your Social Media with These Pop Culture Fonts

Here are several free fonts from Dafont.com that you can use to nerd up your blog or social media profile.

15 Ridiculous Things American Cities Need To Start Dropping On New Year’s Eve

In case there are still some city officials eagerly wanting to get into the heavy junk-dropping game, here are some suggestions for things American cities need to start dropping on New Year’s Eve.

Trick or Treating in the 80s – The 7 Worst Halloween Treats

Charlie Brown’s “I got a rock” got me thinking: I did get some “tricks” back when I was trick-or-treating in the mid 80s. They might have been intended to be treats, but some of the stuff I received was downright nasty.

12 Feature Films that Flopped as Saturday Morning Cartoons

By the late 80s/early 90s, it seemed like producers would spawn a cartoon even if there was a remote shot it could be a moneymaker with the kids. I’m sure they saw the success of shows like The Real Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice.

Here’s a list of 14 feature films that rocked the box office but flopped as Saturday morning cartoons.

Over-Analyzing Bon Jovi’s “Livin on a Prayer”

Time now to ferociously and unnecessarily over-analyze the lyrics to another beloved popular song.

RING in the New Year: 7 Must-Have Novelty Phones from the 80s

Back in the day, three basic items were needed to transform your bedroom from a kiddie’s playroom into a teenager’s palace: a stereo, a television, and a telephone. And though it was nice to dub mixtapes or play Tecmo Bowl at your discretion, the privacy of your own phone became the greatest amenity as you […]

How Isotoner Gloves and Dan Marino Secretly Ruined Christmas

FACT: No kid has ever earmarked the glove page in the Sears Wishbook.

Visual Proof that 80s Toy Commercials are 1000% Better in German

Thumbnail image for Visual Proof that 80s Toy Commercials are 1000% Better in German

The kids in this ad were ready to invade Poland with a Wind Raider and an Attak Trak.