10 People Who Make the World a Nerdier (and Better) Place | #1 Stephen Amell

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 27, 2015

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Over the coming months we’ll spotlight 10 people who make the world a better place for us pop culture nerds (and, by default, a better place in general). Check back next week for part two.

1. Stephen Amell

Not that this won’t be true of everyone on this list, but the fact is this: Stephen Amell doesn’t just make this world a better place for nerds like us, he makes it a better place period.

Where to start? Stephen Amell plays Starling City savior Oliver Queen on CW’s Arrow, but the voice and public profile that come with the role have helped Amell in his mission to become a real-world guardian angel. The positive impact Amell has made (and continues to make) on the world cannot be overstated.

Stephen Amell has successfully cultivated an active, positive, supportive and fun online community via his social media, particularly Facebook. If you’ve spent time on the internet recently, you know how hard it is to build such a space. In fact, his community could be described by the very words he uses to define ‘sinceriously’ (see above; a word he created with a “big time assist” from someone else who will appear on this list): inclusionary, non-judgemental, approachable.

Amell uses his social media presence not for self promotion, but to further positive causes such as working to cure cancer, coping with PTSD and increasing mental heath awareness. He incites positive change by way of the wonderful community he proudly “captains”. The Sinceriously Movement is the driving force behind the sale of 17,000+ t-shirts and counting, the proceeds of which go to two charities: Stand for the Silent and Paws and Stripes.

Perhaps most endearing about Amell is that we feel like (and we truly are) along for the ride with him. Not too long ago he stated a goal of appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, so when the announcement was made that he was booked for the show (and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, details below), his invested community saw yet another well-deserved payoff to all of the hard work he puts in. He shared the news with his fans and followers, and in typical fashion, he shared the credit as well.

If you need more confirmation that Amell is the current nerd generation’s collective spirit animal, look no further than his genuine enthusiasm for things like fantasy football and pro wrestling (and how he and his friends have married the two). The only thing better than the fact that he referenced 80s WWF mid-carder Koko B. Ware on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

…is the look of pride on his face when he’s about to turn that card around:

Here’s hoping Stephen Amell’s wish to host WWE Raw in 2015 becomes a reality. WWE typically knows a good role model when they see one, and they have a lot of young fans who’d do well to model themselves after such a positive figure.

Hail Mary January 27, 2015 at 9:36 pm

I just jumped on board with Arrow this year and instantly became an Amell fan. He’s clearly one of us who is living the dream and using his fame in the most positive way possible.

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