5 Classic Arcade Games for Android Mobile Users

by Staff & Contributors on November 20, 2014

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Retro games are forever. According to a Google report, over 25% of users have installed gaming apps on their mobile devices and almost 40% of those belong to the arcade category. If you’re one of those who are looking for a list of the best games to play, we have compiled five popular retro titles you must try on your mobile device:



Those who were old enough to hold a Nintendo controller in the 80s would be familiar with this endless space shooting game. Namco, the game’s developer decided to give it a new life by making it available to mobile users.

They decided to update the weaponry. Instead of having a single straight-line shooter, you now have a cannon shooting in three different directions. Unfortunately, for this version, you don’t have the capture feature as well as the ability to combine two ships.


Battle City

Another Namco classic comes to Android phone users – Tank Battle City. It’s time to do your duty and defend your homeland. With over 30 maps, it would guarantee you and your friend hours of nostalgic fun. Tap on the arrows to move the tanks and to blow fire.

The mobile version allows for two player games via Bluetooth. Some of the latest smartphones have the reliable Bluetooth 4.0. Based on O2’s HTC One page, this newest wireless connection doesn’t automatically turns off unlike the previous version.



A little man is walking inside a maze leaving bombs in his wake to blow up little monsters and find the hidden door. If you know what we’re describing, that means you’ve played one of the many resurrected versions of Bomberman.

The downsize version has eight levels , and you can ask other friends using either a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.



The mouse-police is out to retrieve the stolen goods inside the Mewkies mansion. Mappy is now on mobile. Jump on the trampoline to collect all the items on different floors to finish a level.

Just don’t allow the cats to bite you on any landing so that you don’t lose a turn or life.



To complete our roundup, here is the most well loved classic from Namco. Pac-man, the yellow pellet chomping character that we all adore is here to give us joy on a smaller screen. The newest installment of the app features 256 levels that are not that easy to complete. If you are looking for a game that would truly walk you down memory lane, then this 33 year-old pie chart hero is the game of choice.

It’s fun to see the classics being ported to mobile to bring back happy childhood memories. Many games that would formerly be exclusive to desktop PCs are now available on Android and other mobile platforms, such as the Lion King-inspired Wild Africa themed Mega Moolah Jackpot. However, not all of our favorite retro titles are available for mobile. What’s your favorite game? Does it have a mobile app version? Give us a summary and maybe we can include it on our next list.

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