Star Wars

I’ve got a GOOD feeling about this!

I have a GOOD feeling about this.

In our respective groups of friends and relatives, we all have one: the person who is the go-to for Star Wars knowledge and history. That person used to be considered a “geek” or “sci-fi nerd”, but over the last 3+ decades Star Wars has permeated our culture to the point that mega-fans are no longer [...]

There’s no feeling quite like seeing an Imperial All-Terrain Armored Transport come stomping across your middle schooler’s soccer field.

Thanks to the re-emergent @eclectik for sharing this collection of all 32 NFL team helmets featuring Star Wars-themed helmets.

Bill Hader’s Jabba the Hutt and ‘dying tauntaun’ impressions are magical.

For all of the griping over casting and plot rumors, it has become clear what most Star Wars fans don’t want to see in the sequel trilogy. So what DO we want to see?