Star Wars Episode VII Set Photo Gives Great Hope to Original Trilogy Fans

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Raise your hand if you prefer the Return of the Jedi one-ton puppet Jabba the Hutt over the Prequel Trilogy CGI version of Jabba. OK, hands down EVERYONE.

If this Star Wars Episode VII set photo taken in Abu Dhabi means what we think it means, it can go a long way in building anticipation for the 2015 film.

What we think we are seeing is the foot of an AT-AT (likely on Tatooine!), but what makes it such a glimmer of hope is that it indicates that large props and sets are being built as opposed to created via CGI and green screen. To me, this makes all the difference, and gives me reason to believe that JJ Abrams gets what made Star Wars Episodes I-III so great.

Just imagine Episode VII opening with the remaining Imperial forces combing the desert for signs of the Rebellion: AT-ATs and AT-STs stomping through villages, Sandtroopers interrogating Jawas, Imperial Officers taking in a pod race– oops, I went one too far, didn’t I? The first two would be awesome though.

Check out the image below, and scroll down to see why we are so sure it is indeed the foot of an All Terrain Armored Transport, and by extension, a harbinger of great things.

Bottom two images via Reddit

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