Five Thoughts on the New Star Wars Trailer That You Can’t Read Anywhere Else

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on November 28, 2014

in Star Wars

By now you’ve all seen the trailer, so let’s talk. Here are my first five thoughts:

1. For the first 20 seconds of the trailer, I though something was wrong with my device. I though the screen was frozen but the audio was still playing, you know, like when you have an old crappy DVD player. I wasn’t watching it on an old crappy DVD player though. I started sweating. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME- then that John Boyega guy popped up and I was happy. And that quick little music that hit when he popped up reminded me of LOST, and I loved it.

2. I don’t need to see Luke, Leia or Han. The movie doesn’t come out for over a year. Less is good in this case. And there were either no lens flares, or I didn’t notice them, meaning I’m not looking for a reason to be negative about everything. Go JJ.

3. If I was at work today I probably wouldn’t publish anything about the new Star Wars trailer. See, at my old job I had more bloggin’ time. Hey, I wonder how many bloggers out there pretend they are Thing when they think of something to write and holler “IT’S BLOGGIN’ TIME!” as they hurry to their computer? Wow this is barely a thought. Can’t read it anywhere else though!

4. I got a goosebump or two when Daisy Ridley took off on that sand bike thing and it sounded exactly like a vintage Star Wars sand bike thing would. I got a mini chill when the Millennium Falcon appeared. I got a massive chill at 1:08 when John Williams’ score takes center stage. Felt like I was watching something 37 years old for the first time.

5. Even though you’ve seen it a million other places, I’ll share the trailer here since there may be one person on Earth who came to my site before any of the others. Hi Aunt Suzan.

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