Deadpool’s Character Explained in One .gif

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on November 25, 2014

in Deadpool

For those of you familiar with who Deadpool is, but haven’t really had the pleasure, this .gif summarizes the character succinctly and almost completely.

His line of work often places him in harm’s way, he gets hurt a lot, he’s typically casual about it (on account of his healing factor), he talks to himself, ┬áhe can completely regenerate body parts, and no matter how many times he regenerates he’s still the proud owner of ghastly scars:

Even the fact that the art in this .gif is 8-bit style is reflective of the character, as he’s the most “meta”, pop culture and self-aware character in all of Marvel comics. Throw a chimichanga somewhere in this .gif and you’d have the WHOLE picture.

Via r/deadpool

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