The Future of Wearable Technology

by Staff & Contributors

Wearable technology gets more interesting with each day that goes on, thanks to the incredible innovations in tech. While technology is not often perfect, it is constantly changing, offering numerous opportunities for smart inventors. Wearables are the current market trends, and have reached a high on the Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies according to Gartner.

Smart Watches and Smart Glasses

The Apple Watch is forefront on the wearable market, but there are numerous other wearables that are coming into the game such as the Grand Seiko. DHL has recently come out with a new tech pilot program, where DHL staff use smart glasses to be more efficient at work. In addition, the company Vuzix in the US has started to catch on to the smart glasses trend, coming out with the Vuzix’s M100 brand of smart glasses. For users of online casino sites, for example, smart glasses could represent a huge boost in technology-related innovations.

Wristbands for Corporations and Theme Parks

Wristbands are another hot item on the horizon for wearable tech. Disney has recently come out with an RFID-based wristband (that’s radio frequency identification) to allow visitors to get into its sites without any trouble — and of course, keep out those who haven’t paid. The US definitely wants to bring more wearables into its fold, with nearly 1500 survey respondents implementing wearables in the corporate world, and 79% stating that the tech is a part of their long term business plan, such as many recent online casino sites.

Fitness Wearables

Fitness wearables are a big player on the future of wearables front. Healthcare is a big problem in many countries, and the US has actually implemented many employer-funded health insurance programs. While Australia has their own insurance for employees, who have to pay into it themselves, companies in the US are using wearable devices such as fitness trackers to improve employee fitness. This is helping to decrease the amount of overweight and obese employees and create healthier trends in the market.

A Future Ripe with Possibility

Clearly, the future of wearable technology is ripe with possibilities. For users of online slots sites for example, this is great news – you can use your Google glass and your Fitbit to work as you ponder play exciting games online. Thanks to the ability for independent developers to bring additional innovations to the wearable marketplace, the hype is not going away any time soon. Smart glasses, wristbands, and fitness wearables will all be serious players on the horizon as tech advances into the next several years.


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