These Star Wars-Themed NFL Team Helmets are Great (If You’re Not a Kansas City or Washington Fan)

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on February 3, 2014

in Star Wars

Thanks to the re-emergent @eclectik for sharing this collection of all 32 NFL team helmets featuring Star Wars-themed helmets.

Artist John Raya is clearly not a Chiefs or Redskins fan though, or he wouldn’t have saddled them with the Ewoks and Gungans. As a Miami fan I feel fortunate to have come away with Greedo, although following what seemed like a formula I’m not sure why they aren’t called the Rodians.

Am I seriously complaining about my favorite Star Wars-themed NFL team? Typical. Check out a few of the 32 teams below and head to this page to see all 32. That Arizona Cardinals Imperial Guard helmet is tough to beat.

Clarence February 4, 2014 at 7:25 pm

Oh, dear. A sports team named after GUNGANS??? :O

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