The 5 Worst Star Wars Characters to Take to Las Vegas

The early box office success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story proves that fans will be drawn to Star Wars tales in almost any setting. The most recent entry into the Star Wars film universe takes place in the same galaxy as the main episodic titles, but relies on (mostly) different characters and is the first SW film not to center around a Skywalker. If lightsabers and exhibitions of The Force are what draws you to this particular galaxy far, far away, then this film might not be everything you’d hoped for. But for those of us who just enjoy any story set in the SW universe, Rogue One does not disappoint.

[very minor Rogue One spoilers ahead]

As is the case in many Star Wars scenes across all of the films, having the right droid with you in certain moments can be the difference between life and certain doom. From R2-D2 shutting down all of the garbage mashers on the Death Star’s detention level to K-2SO being able to stealthily navigate the Imperial Base on Scarif (due to being a reprogrammed Imperial droid), having a capable droid in the right place at the right time makes all the difference. However, there are some Star Wars characters and droids that could do more harm than good in certain situations. Let’s take a look at the five worst Star Wars characters you could take on a trip to Las Vegas:



When R2-D2 starts to get the best of Chewbacca in a game of Dejarik aboard the Millennium Falcon, C3-PO suggests a new strategy upon Han Solo’s subtle warnings: “Let the Wookiee win”.

Letting the Wookiee win (just because he’ll tear your arms off) might be a customary Dejarik strategy, but it won’t fly in a Las Vegas casino. While it might be fun to watch Chewy take down the entire security staff of your favorite resort, it might make for a short and stressful trip. And that’s not even considering how he’s going to get that bowcaster through McCarran Airport security.


Any droid

I’d have to assume that much like children under a certain age, droids would not be allowed on the casino floor in any Las Vegas hotel. In this particular case it’s much less about the morality and well-being of the child, or even age-related gambling laws. No, I’m guessing droids would be strictly prohibited because of the distinct advantage they’d give their master.

Imagine sitting at a Roulette table, or even better- an online casino, and having an astromech droid there to tap into nearby tech to influence the outcome in your favor. Envision a strategic-expert droid such as Rogue One’s K-2SO standing there giving you the mathematical probability of every outcome at the Blackjack table. Not exactly a dealer’s delight. I imagine droids would be treated in Las Vegas the same way they are at the Mos Eisley Cantina (they’ll have to wait outside- they don’t serve their kind here).


Han Solo

Two words: imperial entanglements.


Jabba the Hutt

Don’t get me wrong- I’m sure he knows all the best buffets and gentlemen’s clubs (gentlehutt’s clubs?), but imagine sharing a hotel room with this guy:

The most awkward part of the trip would be visiting the Las Vegas mob museum with Jabba. When he finds out he’s not even mentioned as one of the most notorious and vile gangsters in history, look out! One positive: I’m sure he’d bring Bib Fortuna along, and it would be nice to have our very own majordomo with us in Las Vegas.


Jar Jar Binks

This one is not so much about Las Vegas- Jar Jar is simply one of the worst Star Wars characters to take anywhere.

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