Here’s the Last 100 Years of Toys in Under Three Minutes (with some Glaring Omissions)

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

The folks at Mental Floss shared this video (via Mashable) in which unwraps some of the last century’s most classic and iconic toys in chronological order.

It does put things in perspective- microscopes are really cool, but I don’t know how you pre-GI Joe kids did it. I think I could have lived without Transformers (nope, instant retraction), but it really makes you thankful when you see that Changeable Charlie was the best the 1940s had to offer.

How many of your favorites made this centennial toy highlight reel? I’ll be honest, there is a woeful lack of classic 80s toys here- no Joes, no Transformers, no Voltron, no He-Man, no M.A.S.K, no TMNT, no Thundercats, nary a GoBot is to be seen… check it out for yourself:

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