The 100 Sexiest Men on Television

When we published the 100 Sexiest Women on Television list back in April, we promised the male counterpart would follow shortly thereafter. It took us a while, but if you were dying to know who we think are the sexiest guys on TV, your wait is over.

In a lot of ways, this list was easier to compile than the list of sexy television women. The core group of guys that run and contribute to this site are historically and shamelessly prone to ardent man crushes, so when the call was put out for each of them (myself included) to submit a list of 20-30 super-sexy guys who appear on current television, to a man we over-delivered.

Well over 100 names were submitted, whereas with the female list we topped out at around 80 and had to resort to IMDB to jog our memories (our “memories” of shows that are currently running, mind you). This shouldn’t come as a surprise- I remember when it came time to make my 2013 Pajiba 10 list, I rattled off the male half instantly, while the female 5 took me a day and a half.

So we’re sorry to say that as a result of our delay you will not see names such as Aaron Paul, Michael C. Hall and others who appeared on shows that have wrapped since April, but hey, that just means more spots for the male stars of Dads (which, as of press time is still on the air).


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100. Taran Killam – Saturday Night Live

(I promise that’s the last time we use an image that includes the man’s super-hot partner to justify their hotness. No I don’t.)

99. Giancarlo Esposito – Revolution

98. Tom Selleck – Blue Bloods

97. Jesse Spencer – Chicago Fire

96. Jesse Williams – Grey’s Anatomy

95. Max Greenfield – New Girl

94. Brett Dalton – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

93. Josh Dallas – Once Upon a Time

92. Ed Weeks – The Mindy Project

91. Ty Burrell – Modern Family


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