Great Hera! 21 Stunning Images of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is often mentioned in the same breath as Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Michael Keaton’s Batman- and deservedly so. While Carter has had far less competition for the title of ‘Best On-Screen Wonder Woman Ever’ (does Palicki even count?), it will ultimately be hard for any actress to compare to her iconic look.

Carter’s Wonder Woman was unapologetically comic book-based. No attempt was made to modify her costume or powers for conversion to the small screen, which is something rarely seen today. I’ve been saying it for a while now– there’s a huge opportunity for some risk-taking filmmaker to┬ábuck the recent trend of skewing toward realism and go for a full-on, true-to-the-source motion picture. All the universes don’t have to be Nolanverses.

November 7 marks the 38th anniversary of the premier of Wonder Woman, so to celebrate the “camp and circumstance” of the 70s series, here are 21 images of Lynda Carter in all of her fantastic true-to-the-source-material glory.

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman strong




lynda carter wonder woman trapped_opt


lynda-carter-womder-woman chained_opt


lynda carter wonder woman legs_opt


lynda carter wonder woman running gif


lynda carter wonder woman_opt


lynda carter wonder woman bracelets_opt


Wonder Woman


lynda-carter-wonder-woman cape_opt


Lynda-Carter-wonder woman trunk_opt


lynda carter wonder woman trees_opt


lynda carter wonder woman squat_opt


lynda carter wonder woman face_opt


lynda-carter-wonder-woman amazon_opt


lynda carter wonder woman hot_opt


lynda carter 70s


lynda carter wonder woman sexy_opt


Wonder-Woman-Lynda-Carter amazons_opt


lynda carter wonder woman jigsaw puzzle_opt

Now, who’s up for doing a puzzle?

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