CW’s ‘The Flash’ Pilot has Leaked Online if You’re Into That Sort of Thing

Here is the leaked “The Flash” pilot.

Power-Ranking Last Season’s 5 Freshman Comedies that Got Renewed

Will all five of these shows “graduate” and make it to syndication? Let’s have some more fun and guess how long each series’ run will be.

SCREEN TIME | Nerd-Focused TV and Movie News for May 29

The nerdiest bits of television and movie news for May 29, 2014.

10 Television Shows That Would Suck as LEGO Minifigures

While the Simpsons LEGO set and minifigures have been a hit, not all shows would translate as well to the brick format.

10 Ways ‘The Golden Girls’ Was Way Before Its Time

Did you know Rose got Catfished in 1986?

Celebrities You Can Meet on Dating Sites

At the digital era a traditional way of meeting new people and searching for your love gives place to a new one that is online dating. It takes a few minutes to download you picture and to write some words about your interests and a person you want to meet.  That’s the whole story of […]

What Current Television Show Would You Pledge a Loyalty Oath To?

Which comedy or drama do you solemnly swear to watch every episode of until it’s series finale, for better or worse, ’til [death/cancellation/brilliantly planned and executed finale] do you part?

18 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘The Goldbergs’ on ABC

ABC’s The Goldbergs has settled in as one of the best sitcoms on this year’s schedule, and you can bet your binder full of Garbage Pail Kids (“they’re gonna be worth millions”) that it’s a huge reason ABC is owning Tuesday nights.

Attempting to Explain One of Television’s Great Mysteries: The Huxtable’s Basement

Was the moon landing faked? What happened to the youngest daughter on Family Matters? Why is the ceiling of the Huxtable’s basement so damn high?

5 Theories About What That [SPOILER] was on ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

[Big time SPOILERS below, you’ve been warned.] What the hell was that? Who? Where? WHAT? That’s how we all reacted Tuesday night as the show that comic book fans love to bitch about threw us something new. Every one of us is going crazy trying to figure out who this thing is and where the […]

A Show That Has To Go: ‘Castle’

Castle/Mondays at 10:00PM EST on ABC   Castle reeks of wretched ’70s TV, a Bill Bixby or Robert Urich series pitched to executives after an extra-long martini lunch. Bixby or Urich would commit, of course, but it’d have to get the green-light before either one admitted to any interest. The green-light would actually work twofold then, […]

A Show That Has To Go: ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

This week’s Show That Has To Go is the embattled ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’.

9 Sitcom Reunions We Want to See

CBS recently announced that by virtue of an upcoming Pam Dawber guest spot, their Robin Williams vehicle The Crazy Ones will feature a de facto Mork & Mindy reunion. So what other reunions do we want to see?

A Show That Has To Go: ‘The Bachelor’

Juan Pablo is a disheveled Romeo-wannabe, with a redeeming quality seemingly about as close as some deodorant.

Four BBC Shows You Should Be Watching (Besides Doctor Who, Sherlock and Downton Abbey)

The days of American monopoly over quality television programs have come to a close, and there are tons of shows from across the pond that are collecting international fans and awards faster than you can say, “God Save The Queen”.