As You’d Expect, Donna Dixon from ‘Bosom Buddies’ Discovered a New Kind of Dinosaur

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on July 23, 2014

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For me at least, the timing of this post that just surfaced on Yahoo! about Bosom Buddies star Donna Dixon is quite coincidental. We just caught a rerun of the show on MeTV a few weeks ago, and unlike me, my wife was not a regular viewer of the show back in its day.

She commented that Donna Dixon looked familiar, and asked where she might know her from. I mentioned that she was married to Dan Aykroyd, at least she was at one time, and then hopped on IMDB to confirm. We were impressed to see that Dixon and Aykroyd were in fact still married, 30 years later.

Cut to today, and Yahoo! posts a story about the couple appearing at the New York premiere of Get On Up. Akyroyd’s got a new film out, yeah yeah that’s all great- but talk about burying the lead: in the FIFTH paragraph of what turns into a de facto “Where are They Now: Donna Dixon” piece, they slide in this little marvelous goody:

In 2012, [Aykroyd] told The Telegraph that [Dixon] had been accepted into New York’s exclusive The Explorers Club, which requires members to have made a scientific discovery to get in. Hers? Finding “the bones from a new species of hadrosaurus” on an Aykroyd family dinosaur dig.

You read that right. Kip/Buffy Wilson’s girlfriend went on to discover A NEW DINOSAUR, *AND* the Aykroyd family goes on dinosaur digs! I can now Google ‘Donna Dixon Dinosaur’ and it’s not at all an insensitive reflection of her age! Let me re-write that headline for you, Yahoo!: Bosom Buddies Star is Now an Aykroyd and Finds Hella Dinosaurs. Yeah, I busted “hella” out, I’m that excited.

Kevin Hellions July 25, 2014 at 6:03 pm

The dinosaurs were killed by an akyroyd from space so its only fitting.

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